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How to smuggle iPhones without carrying a bag

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Smuggling a few phones may be easy. Simply chuck them in separate bags or hide them somewhere among your clothes and other belongings. What this man did to rack up as much money as possible, was pretty amusing.

A Hong Kong citizen was arrested at the Chinese border after the officials noticed a “weird walking posture, joint stiffness, and muscle tension” from this man when he tried to enter China.

After a fairly simple search, it was found that this man apparently strapped 94 iPhones all over his body to smuggle them into China.

From a New York Times reporter in China’s tweet:

Considering how slim the iPhone 6 (check my review on the iPhone 6) and iPhone 6 Plus are (and most smartphones these days), it was no surprise that he could strap that many in one go. Bravery or stupidity, your call.

Source: Sina via The Verge

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