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Sell cell phone

Every year, we are bombarded with new gadgets, new smartphones. Or actually, a new smartphone comes out like every month from different brands and we are often left with our old smartphones lying inside our drawer, aging.

Wouldn’t it be great if you can sell them away easily? How about finding the price online from a site and then sell it through them? We have a similar site in Australia but if you are in the U.S, then you might want to have a look at if you have the urge to that  “sell my cell” feeling.

To find how much you can earn by selling your old smartphone, you can type your phone model on the search field and press the Search button. For example, if I want to sell my iPhone 4S, I would type “iphone 4s” on the search field.

cell search

You will then get a list of top phone buyers with their prices to buy your old cell phone. You can then simply select the highest price (obviously) to sell it to the company.

After you confirm that you are going ahead with the selected company to buy your old phone, you will be sent a shipping bag for free (depends on the companies but you can check this info later). Place your phones (or whatever devices you are selling) inside the bag and send it across to the company. After they finish checking the phone’s conditions and all that, they will send the payment to you with your selected payment method.

The beauty about is that you can view the prices from different companies willing to buy your old phones. This way, you can clearly find the best deals and also the companies you want to sell the phone to (normally you don’t care about this, as long as you can get the money).

Not to get confused with the domain name, you can also sell ipad for cash on this website, not just a cell phone. For example, typing “iPad 2” on the search field returned a bunch of results and the best price I could find for a 16 GB Wi-Fi only iPad 2 was $260.

sell iPad 2

You can always sell your old gadgets on eBay, obviously, but using an online site such as this is much easier and simpler. You can quickly find and sell your old gadgets quickly and best of all, you don’t have to pay a cent for shipping and everything. Besides, when you are selling your old gadgets, it gets harder and harder to get a buyer on eBay.

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