Scan your old photos with this new Smartphone app from Google


Google PhotoScan app – I love Evernote Scannable app. It helps me in going paperless by easily scanning bills and documents in an instant with my iPhone 7 Plus. The app automatically crops, enhances the result, and then has an option to upload it straight to Evernote.

Now, Google releases an app to scan photos easily in seconds – and then automatically crops and enhances them. Definitely gives a much better results than taking them manually with the Camera app.

Rather than taking a photo once with the app, Google wants you to take them in sections (i.e 4 corners). I assume Google uses this technique to combine the shots into a single, best quality. The instructions are pretty simple as you can see from this video:

You can also use a proper, cool scanner like this Doxie Flip which should give you better quality. But for most people who just want to store the past memories digitally, using a Smartphone is definitely easier and faster.

The photos can then be backed up to Google Photos and can also be downloaded to your computer.

Google PhotoScan is available for both iOS and Android devices. A free app that can properly scan photos just with your phone? Definitely a keeper.

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