Home Technology Tech News & Updates Samsung is mocking Apple again in their latest Galaxy Note9 advertisement videos

Samsung is mocking Apple again in their latest Galaxy Note9 advertisement videos

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note9 has just been unveiled (check our review on the predecessor, Samsung Galaxy Note8), and the video ads are now making a return.

As usual, Samsung is mocking Apple and their iPhone X (check our review on the iPhone X after a month of use) in a series of advertisement videos that they called “Ingenious” – taking a sneer against Apple’s Genius Bar where you can get support and guides from the staff at an Apple Store.

This time, the attack is head on straight, with a real Apple logo worn by the actor in the videos. In some past videos, Samsung sometimes didn’t directly mention about Apple or iPhone, though we all know what they meant.

The first Samsung Galaxy Note9 ad video is called Ingenius: Power, which you can watch below.


It mocks the iPhone X as being more powerful than the Galaxy Note9.

The second one is called Ingenius: Pen, which mocks Apple Pencil, being available only for the iPad and not the iPhone – compared to the Galaxy Note9’s S-Pen.


These are definitely not the first videos Samsung has done to mock Apple and to persuade smartphone buyers to buy a Samsung phone instead of an iPhone.

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