Samsung Galaxy S

sam-galaxy-MainThe year of 2010 has been a landmark year for fans of mobile phones as we have seen several handsets released that have pushed on the boundaries of what we can do with our phones.

From the Apple iPhone 4 to the HTC Desire we have seen some great models this year from some relatively new names on the global mobile phone market, but there has been one phone that has seen a return to form for one of the giants of the industry.

This phone is the Galaxy S from Korean firm Samsung and it has been one of the success stories of a very busy year.

The Galaxy S, on the face of it, looks like an impressive offering from Samsung, who of course know a few things about releasing successful phones. It has a lot to offer including the extremely popular Android operating system which is backed up by a fast processor, good pre installed apps already on the phone when you buy it and an impressively responsive touchscreen with multi-touch support. The phone also comes with 8GB or 16GB of internal memory, plus the ability to add up to 32GB more with a microSD card, all placed inside an attractive shell.

With the Android software continually getting better and competing well with the Apple offering iPhone OS, it is always good to see the software getting a good platform and Samsung do not let Android fans down in this way. If you are a fan of applications as well, there are literally hundreds of thousands of apps available in the Android market so you can spend all your time messing about with the many games, music and other software available on the Android OS.

With all smart phones now compared to the iPhone constantly, it is easy for phones to get lost under the shadow of Apple’s behemoth. The Galaxy S does not fall under this shadow though as it is a great offering with a lot going for it. It’s relatively low price also means that it should be an extremely attractive offering for those shopping for a new phone.

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