How to save money on your mobile phone bill

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Nobody enjoys receiving unexpected high bills, they can cause a great deal of frustration. Many mobile phone users underestimate their usage and are often not being aware of the costs associated with using certain applications on their mobile phones. A lack of knowledge regarding excessive internet usage can furthermore add dollars to your annual mobile cell phone bill.

Small and simple changes to when and how you use your mobile phone is the foundation to saving money on your monthly phone bill.

Below are 5 easy ways you can reduce your mobile cell phone bill:

1) Choose the right plan

It is very easy to use your phone more than you originally intended. If you spend more than your cap or monthly pre-paid budget investigate the options of upgrading to a different plan. The cost of exceeding your monthly allowance of calls, texts and data is often more than the cost of upgrading your contract to a higher monthly rate.

2) Know your facts

There are many variants of charges that are associated with using applications on your phone.  Sending a picture (MMS) message will cost more than a text message and watching lengthy video clips on the internet will use a large chunk of your download limit. Some plans also charge you to retrieve your voicemail. Do your homework and understand where your monthly budget is spent. Keep track of your expenditure, either through the portal provided by your supplier, or through using apps if you own a Smartphone.

3) Keep an eye on the clock

When one is engrossed in a conversation it is very easy to forget the length of the call. Making lengthy calls during peak time can be very costly so try to make these calls off peak calling time. Utilise “off-peak” periods whenever possible to make lengthy phones calls if your provider offers these low-cost time slots

4) Use pre-paid sim cards abroad

The cost of using your phone in a foreign country can be astronomical and often triple to what you would pay in your country of origin. Purchase a local sim card and make use of the cheaper rates.

5) Be smart and make use of VoIP Applications

The initial cost associated with owing a Smartphone (e.g. Apple iPhone, Blackberry or Android) may seem higher but ironically you could save dollars over time. Certain applications available on these phones such as Skype or Google voice allow you to make calls free of charge. Other features such as Facetime on iPhones allow you to make video calls over a WiFi connection and does not use up your airtime or mobile minutes.

Call when it is only necessary and always remember to check your mobile phone bill at regular intervals during the month to ensure you stay on top of your spend. If you follow these five easy tips you can begin to reduce your monthly bill and avoid those nasty surprise bills that are higher than expected.

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