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Acase Aegis Power ReviewThe Acase Aegis Power is like a dream comes true for heavy iPhone 4 users. iPhone sucks battery like there is no tomorrow if you’ve kept on using it for hours. And who won’t? Checking mails, chatting via Whatsapp or Messenger, listening to music, and playing some addictive games are just a few things you’d mostly do on your iPhone every day.

Not to worry, as Acase Aegis Power is coming to the rescue. With a 1700 mAh built-in battery, the Acase Aegis Power is a truly wonderful iPhone 4 case to have.

So in a nutshell, the Acase Aegis Power is basically an iPhone 4 case which has a rechargeable internal battery on it. The case itself is amazingly quite reasonable in size, compared to a few cases with similar features that I’ve seen before.

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To insert the iPhone 4 into the case, you take out the top part of the case and slide the iPhone 4 in. Then you lock it back with the top part of the case earlier. The iPhone 4 fits perfectly on the case and does not bulge.

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When your iPhone 4 is on the case, the iPhone is automatically being recharged using the Aegis Power’s internal battery (you will notice the usual audible sound and the recharging icon on the top right). So far, I haven’t had any problems with the recharging and the process always went like a breeze. You can also synchronize your iPhone 4 while it’s on the case. So in practice, you’ll never need to take your iPhone 4 out of the Aegis Power, ever. When you charge, the power will go to your iPhone 4 first to make it fully charged. Once it’s full, the power will then go to charge the Aegis Power case. A nicely done design decision, I should say.

On the back of the Aegis Power, you can view the battery level on the case by pressing a button. It’s a bit hard to press and requires a bit of a finger nail to register but once pressed, the LEDs will lit depending on the current battery level. It’s pretty cool and definitely a useful indicator to have.

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How fast does the Acase Aegis Power recharge the iPhone 4? Let’s have a look at my experiment in recharging my iPhone 4 below.

  • 9:16 PM – Before my iPhone 4 was charged on the case, the battery level on the iPhone 4 was 38%.
  • 9:42 PM (26 minutes later), iPhone 4 battery level shows 54% and 3 lights on the Aegis Power battery level.
  • 10:24 PM (40 minutes later), iPhone 4 battery level shows 80% and 2 lights on the Aegis Power battery level.
  • 10:59 PM (35 minutes later), iPhone 4 battery level shows 98% and 2 lights on the Aegis Power battery level.

So it took around 1 hour 43 minutes roughly to add about 60% of the iPhone 4’s battery level and you still have some juice left on the case for more. It’s actually not bad at all considering that you can keep on using the iPhone 4 while it’s being recharged. Since the Aegis Power is also served as a case, your iPhone 4 is also protected at the same time.

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Overall, of course it will add an extra bulk to your iPhone 4 but in reality, it’s still acceptable and it can still fit in my pants’ pocket really well. It’s not too heavy and it’s quite slim too considering the extra battery. The Acase Aegis Power is great to use when you travel a lot and often run out of juice before you can reach back home at night. You can either carry the case in your bag or even wear it as your primary iPhone 4’s case, the choice is up to you. It’s definitely one of the best and most useful iPhone 4’s accessories that I’ve ever reviewed so far at Craving Tech.

Acase Aegis Power Review - topThe only concern is probably that the iPhone 4 will stay recharged when it’s on the case. Some might wonder whether it’s going to affect the battery life or not, since the battery is constantly being recharged. Some argue that it’s okay for a Lithium battery to be recharged often, some say it’s not. Let’s not start debating about it here. Nevertheless, this is a truly compact and handy spare battery for your iPhone 4, whether you are using it as a case or just for those days where you are going to be out for a whole day. The cut-out for the audio jack is pretty steep though, so it may not fit all earphones out there.

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