Razer is releasing more budget friendly BlackWidow keyboards

Razer BlackWidow X Chroma

The original Razer BlackWidow Chroma or BlackWidow Ultimate 2016 are awesome mechanical gaming keyboards, but not everyone is willing to pay for the premium.

Razer recently announced new, stripped-down version of the BlackWidow series called the BlackWidow X which still offers all the essentials from the original but slightly more affordable to the masses.

By having the top cover removed and non-essential features (like the USB pass through), Razer manages to cut the cost while giving the keyboards a more minimalistic look and compact footprint for the desk.

For example, here is a screenshot showing the difference between the BlackWidow Chroma and BlackWidow X Chroma:

BlackWidow X vs BlackWidow Chroma

At the moment, however, BlackWidow X Chroma only comes with the Razer Green switches. Those who don’t like the noise and tactile feel of the Green (Clicky) switches cannot opt for the Orange (Silent) yet.

Price wise, to be honest, there’s not much difference surprisingly for the BlackWidow X Chroma and BlackWidow X Tournament Chroma. A BlackWidow Chroma will cost you AU $339.95. The new BlackWidow X Chroma will cost you AU $329.95. A $10 difference is really not that much in terms of savings, in my opinion.

However, you can get the other BlackWidow X which are considerably cheaper than its BlackWidow counterparts. For example, the BlackWidow X Ultimate is AU$30 cheaper than the BlackWidow Ultimate 2016 – something that you can use to upgrade your gaming mouse.

There is also an option to opt for using CherryMX Blue switches on selected BlackWidow and BlackWidow X models rather than using Razer Green switches, and that will save you some cash too.

Check out all Razer BlackWidow X variants at Razer’s official website.

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