Project Scheduling with Google SketchUp and Synchro

Google SketchUp LogoRemember my post a few days earlier on the Google SketchUp 7 release?  A company called Synchro Ltd has actually managed to fully make use of Google SketchUp on its product, Synchro.

Synchro is a 4D application (the last D being the “time” dimension) that allows you to create building projects and schedule them at the same time. These allow building project managers to easily identify parts of the building designs (in 3D) and monitor progress and schedules on each segment.


You can allocate human resources, costs, and materials to the building segments, in 3D. This way you, as a project manager, can easily monitor the progress of the construction in a much better and more effective environtment. Synchro adds scheduling to Google SketchUp, transforming Google SketchUp from 3D to 4D.

Check out the video here:

Note: Footage provided courtesy of Construction Management Software Advice

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