ChargeUp Boost Portable Power Bank Review – Cygnett ChargeUp Boost Portable Power Bank is Cygnett’s new portable batteries that come with either 5,000mAh, 10,000mAh, or 15,000mAh battery capacity to suit your lifestyle.

The sample I have here is the ChargeUp Boost 5,000mAh that comes in a hot, spicy, Red colour.  5,000mAh is more than enough for me personally and it can fully charge my iPhone X from nothingness to full, and some more.

ChargeUp Boost Portable Power Bank Review – Packaging

ChargeUp Boost Portable Power Bank-1 ChargeUp Boost Portable Power Bank-2

The packaging includes a short microUSB cable to charge the power bank, but can also be used to charge your Android devices with microUSB slot, headphones, or many other gadgets you may have.

ChargeUp Boost Portable Power Bank Review – Design & Features

There’s nothing much to say about a portable battery, really. For a 5,000mAh power bank, however, the ChargeUp Boost is pretty light in my opinion and I’ll happily carry this around on a road trip later this month.


The Red colour is not as Red as I wanted it to be, but still gives a nice look to a usually-boring-look of standard powerbanks. There’s a handy little screen that shows how much battery exactly you have left in percentage. Battery purists would be happy with this.

By simply pressing the power button quickly, the digital display shows up and informs you of its current charge. It will auto shut itself off when no device is plugged, saving power.


Features wise, it has two 2.4Amp USB-A output ports (12 Watt output in total) and one microUSB port to recharge it. With the SmartChip Technology built into the powerbank, it’ll fast charge your Apple devices though it’s unclear whether it supports 7.5 Watts.

For your peace of mind, Cygnett ChargeUp Boost features protection for over-current, over voltage, over temperature and short circuit. Certainly worth getting a well-known brand powerbank over a cheapy one. But at AU$39.95 for the 5,000mAh model, it’s still very affordable for what you’re getting.

ChargeUp Boost Portable Power Bank Review Conclusion

ChargeUp Boost Portable Power Bank-7

With quite a slimline and lightweight casing, and non-bland looks, Cygnett ChargeUp Boost makes a great, portable power bank to carry while you are on a trip. It supports charging a maximum of 2 devices at the same time, and also fast charge your Apple devices.

It turns itself off when not in use and the digit display is really handy to check how much battery exactly you have left at the tip of your finger. Gone were the days where you are unsure if your portable battery can make it through the day, because you can now see exactly whether it will.

For just AU$39.95, you’ll also get over-current, over voltage, over temperature and short circuit. Can’t go wrong with this one.

If you want something more serious with a bigger 20,000mAh battery capacity and USB-C support (to charge your laptops or Nintendo Switch), check out our review on the Cygnett ChargeUp Pro!

Disclosure: Cygnett ChargeUp Boost 5,000mAh review sample was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are mine and not paid

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