PointUI – an IPhone like interface for your PocketPC

PointUI is a free application for your PocketPC devices running Windows Mobile.
It replaces (or should I say, sitting on top) of your current Windows Mobile interface and you can interact with your Windows Mobile applications, settings, notifications, etc through the intuitive interface.

You don’t even need a stylus (or using your D-Pad buttons) to interact with the menus. Simply use your fingers and slide through the interfaces.

A video speaks a thousand word, so read on and see the embedded video. Also, read my impressions under the video.




Quick Review/Impressions

I did a full backup of my PocketPC before installing PointUI (I tend to be paranoid sometimes). The installation was very standard and it took around 3 Mb of storage space and around 2.8 Mb of memory (when the application is running). If you close the application, you will be returned to your default Windows Mobile interface before you install this application. Therefore it’s pretty safe to actually install this and try on your own device. Running the application shortcut again will get you back to the PointUI interface.

The Today screen (as screnshots above) will let you know if there are missed calles, new emails, new SMSes, and also a shortcut to your audio player. You can scroll through the Today screen to check for weather (assuming you have updated the weather data), access your tasks, appointments and calendar. I wish that they can somehow put the next task/appointments on one screen without having to scroll the screen around. That’s what a Today screen is for, THE one screen that tells you all you need to know. Maybe they will improve it on the next version, as the application is still under heavy development at this stage.

The interfaces are very intuitive and animations are smooth, at least on my HTC P3600i (check out my review here). It’s hard to explain it, but if you have already had a look at the video, then I guess I don’t need to explain it further.

If you have an auto profiling application (changing brightness, tones, volumes, etc on a certain hour), or a Today screen application (such as PocketBreeze, TodayAgenda, etc) then you may have to close PointUI to access them and then re-launch PointUI back. However if you haven’t bought or installed any application on your mobile devide (I know some of my friends do), then I’d encourage you to install this nifty application.

If you decide to uninstall PointUI, please go to the Forum on their site and read how to properly uninstall this application!

I’m really looking forward for the next releases and new features!

Go to PointUI homepage here. 


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