Lunarpages Web Hosting now gives 1500 Gb (that’s terrabytes for you!)

UPDATE: Lunarpages now gives unlimited storage and bandwith!

Lunarpages is a web hosting company that has been around for quite some time and if you search for it in Google, it’s one of the top hosting company in the U.S.

This blog is hosted by them and I’ve recommended them to a lot of my friends (Lunarpages is cheap, reliable, and offers a top notch technical support).

Lunarpages (where this blog is hosted) has just updated their basic plan ($6.95 per month) that gives you 1,500 Gb of space (plenty, and I mean it, plenty of disk space!) and 15,000 Gb of free bandwith per month. Woot, woot!

Now what should I fill it with….

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