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Peeking a site

Peeking a site with QuarkbaseQuarkbase is an online service that provides “everything” about a site. Of course, there is no such thing as a service that can do “everything” in this world. Not even Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft can do it.

“Everything about a site”, at least, that’s how Quarkbase sees itself.

It’s an interesting tool to find out how your own site/blog is going and also a good tool when you are planning to advertise on a site/blog. So what sort of information can you find on Quarkbase?


On Quarkbase, you can see details about the domain of the site, its web host, its popular pages, how many links submitted to some social bookmarking sites, Alexa rank statistics, the most popular countries of its visitors, and many more.


If you are going to advertise on a site/blog, try to look for this information (that can be obtained from Quarkbase):

  • Traffic Rank (Alexa) and also its history (is it getting better or getting worse each month?)
  • Popular pages (if you want to advertise on a single post, rather than the site-wide)
  • It’s Subscriber count (don’t trust what you see on the site – it can be faked)
  • The expiry of the domain (if it’s going to be expired, you may want to reconsider)
  • The Top Countries (visitors), if your site is selling a product in Canada, you probably need to reconsider advertising on my blog, for example, as you can see from the screenshot below, Canada is not on my Top Countries):

All of this information is available on Quark.com. However, some of them are out of date. For example, I’ve already extended my domain for another 5 years, but Quark still displays it as 9th January 2009 on the page.

The Alexa graph is also out of date, although I’m not sure by how much:


Nevertheless, it is still interesting to find out more about your site/blog and also about someone else’s site/blog. Either it’s for business purpose or just for fun, have a look at Quarkbase.com!

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