Edifier Spinnaker Review – A spinnaker, is “a large triangular sail on a boat that is used when the wind is blowing from behind” (Merriam-Webster dictionary).

Though we’ll not be talking about a boat or a sail here, the e30 Spinnaker speakers from Edifier has the design and inspired of one.

Some say the Spinnaker looks like a Rhinoceros’ horn, a Bull’s horn, or Nod’s Obelisk of Light from the Command & Conquer game. Whatever you think the Spinnaker looks like, it looks uber-cool.

Edifier Spinnaker Review – Design & Features


The uniquely-shaped speaker unit makes a bold statement in your living room (or whichever room you put the Spinnaker in). It certainly doesn’t look like your ordinary box-shaped speakers. A design revolutionary at its best, proven by winning the CES Innovations Design & Engineering Award back in 2012.

Size-wise, since the speakers are vertically-shaped (about 38cm high), it won’t take too much space on your desk. I did underestimate the size of the Spinnaker though because it is actually bigger in real life that I thought it would be.

The size comes from having a front facing tweeter and mid-range drivers, plus a downward firing subwoofer in each speaker unit. Yes, the speaker includes a subwoofer of its own which is good enough for some but it won’t beat having a dedicated subwoofer unit of your own.

In fact, Edifier knows this and has included a port, should you want to get and plug your own subwoofer unit in.

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The setup is pretty simple as all ports are marked and cables are also included in the packaging. Making sure the cables are neatly packed and laid flat was a bit challenging but thankfully you only needed it to do it once. Once completed, the speaker units can be laid flat on a surface.

There is no power or volume button anywhere on the speaker units. Everything is controlled via a remote unit that, again, not of a conventional design. It is dome-shaped, rechargeable via USB, and wireless. Its look is a good complement to the Spinnaker too.

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You can adjust the volume by rotating the dome clockwise or anti-clockwise, mute the speakers by pressing it from the top, and also do other playback controls. It is wireless so I can lie down on the bed with the remote on my chest (or within reach) and when things get too loud, I can quickly adjust the volume to my liking. Neat.

I plug the Spinnaker to my desktop computer (via 3.5mm connection) but I can also plug it to my PS3 or Xbox One console (through optical cable). It’s a pity that the 3.5mm and optical ports on the Spinnaker are shared though, so I can’t connect it to my PC AND a console simultaneously.

However, it also supports Bluetooth so I can connect the Edifier Spinnaker to my iPhone 6s or other Bluetooth devices. Speaking of which, is one of the awesome features the Spinnaker has.

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Switching from the audio coming from my computer to my iPhone is seamless. All I need to do is connect it from the Bluetooth settings menu and I can instantly play my Spotify playlist. Disconnect it and the Spinnaker goes back to wired mode. There is no button to press to change modes or menu to fiddle with. We did have a little problem with Bluetooth cutting on-and-off when tested in our office with an iPhone 6s at certain range blocked by monitors and cabinets. However, when I test it at home, it is working fine even if I stand away on the other side of the house.

What good are looks if the speakers sound crappy, right? Thankfully, that is not the case. Edifier Spinnaker sounds great, really great.

The clarity of every channel (mid and high especially) can’t be described and I can hear every little detail coming from a music or movie when the audio goes through the Spinnaker. You can hear when guitarists change frets, or a faint cricket chirping in a movie.

The audio separation is really good too, as if sounds are coming from different places which makes the experience more immersed.

Having a down-firing subwoofer on each speaker unit makes it close and personal, without being too much. While playing Star Wars Battlefront Beta, I could feel the Bass thumping joyfully during explosions – both in my ears and on my arms. I could feel the tiny vibration below my arms (which lied on the desk) and it felt good. The bass vibration didn’t shake my desk or anything, but it would be if I cranked the volume really loud.

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Again, don’t expect the Spinnaker to beat a dedicated subwoofer unit, but in my case, I feel that it is sufficient (and I’m a Bass lover + play the Bass).

Edifier Spinnaker Review Conclusion

Don’t be fooled by Edifier Spinnaker‘s exotic look, because it also excels in the sound department. Music comes to life as you hear every little instrument and sound from a tune, and everything feels balanced. It does not feel shy to let go of a thumping bass when needed as well.

The Spinnaker’s design, along with high audio quality and versatility, makes it my speaker of choice. You can connect it to your TV in the living room (and boy it’ll look good) or to your desktop computer for a great all-around speaker.

Once in a while, feel free to play your music through Bluetooth during a party, or when you feel like chillin’ on the bed before your bedtime.

Thanks to Edifier, I’m now happily replacing my Harman Kardon Soundsticks II with the Spinnaker.

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Disclosure: Sample was sponsored for the review but all opinions are mine



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