Kill Zombies with blood and gore, the way we want it – Killing Floor 2 Review

Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 takes the design and gameplay from the success of its predecessor, the original Killing Floor. The promise is simple: kill zombies (or Zeds, they call them) cooperatively with a bunch of friends (or strangers) and have fun while doing so.

Killing Floor 2 is a survival, cooperative first-person-shooter shooting game. The aim is to survive as long as you can, til you reach the final boss and kill him. You’ll fight waves of Zeds after Zeds, while trying to juggle between checking your back and conserving ammo.

That may sound simple, but Killing Floor 2 gives you several classes to pick with their own skills and abilities. Though you can technically use weapons from other classes, you will only be rewarded experience points from using one that belongs to your class. This should encourage you to be the role that you are supposed to fill in the team.

For example, there are classes that specialise in killing bigger Zeds so when that time comes, you should leave the flies (less dangerous Zeds) to the other class like the Commando.

Killing Floor 2 - big zed

With limited amount of ammo and money to purchase weapons/armor/ammo, the game throws in quite a challenge. Flashlight cannot be turned on forever and there are also lots of narrow corridors on the maps – which means you need to know your surroundings well and keep our eyes (and ears) open.

The graphic is top notch, thanks to a heavily-modified Unreal Engine 3 that brings the game to life. Eerie environment on well-designed maps, combined with constant surprises from Zeds coming from every direction, will always keep you on your toes.

Look in one direction for too long and you’ll get some nasty surprises. That feeling that something might be lurking behind you is what makes playing Killing Floor 2 a thrilling experience.

The amount of blood and gore in the game is quite overwhelming and it’s good; heads pop-off from headshots, limbs fall apart, and innards fly everywhere. Combined with NVIDIA’s new Flex technology, playing Killing Floor 2 is more fun than ever before. You’ll get some bullet time effect when someone in your team makes a great shot (the game will decide on this).

Killing Floor 2 gore

After playing for a while, however, things can get tiring as you play and do the same thing over and over. Thankfully, there are different classes to play and level up with, and blowing zombies (um Zeds) is always fun and never gets stale.

Killing Floor 2 is still in Early Access stage at the moment though the game itself is already quite polished. It does still fill unfinished, as there are only a few maps, 1 game mode, and 1 Zed boss to kill. There are also not many weapons you can get which we hope will get some love towards the final release.

More maps, weapons, and more game modes will definitely make more Killing Floor 2 players (and wannabe) happy. There might also be some more surprises, so keep an eye on the game updates.

Killing Floor 2 review

Disclosure: Review license was sponsored for the review but all opinions are mine. Images courtesy of Tripwire Interactive, taken from Killing Floor 2 website.

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