iPad 2 release

Apple iPad 2Steve Jobs unexpectedly arrived to the iPad 2 announcement and brought the announcement himself. Finally all the rumors, ambiguous posts, and predictions on the iPad 2 were answered. In a nutshell, iPad 2 gets a spec upgrade and also a new slimmer design.

iPad 2 – What’s new?

  • Thinner and slimmer design (even thinner than an iPhone 4!)
  • Less weight, so you can now read your e-books/e-magazines more comfortably
  • Dual-core A5 chip (dual core processor) means faster computing power, smoother experience
  • 9x faster graphics performance
  • Two cameras (front and back facing) – for video calls and taking photos
  • Gyroscope like on the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4th Gen
  • Same battery life – 10 hours
  • Same price as iPad 1! (unless if Australia’s stores rip us off again)
  • Comes in black and white color
  • A new sexy and cool iPad Smart Cover (unfortunately you have to buy this separately)
iPad 2 Smart Cover
Sexy cover - you need to see the video

There is NO USB slot, NO Thunderbolt, NO SD Card Slot, No Retina Display like iPhone 4’s, and NO to the silly rumors been circling around. I’m always amazed at how Apple managed to keep everything so secretive (apart from the iPhone 4’s incident). While all these new features on the iPad 2 are good, there are still enough reasons for me to say “No” to upgrade my first iPad. But then again, I wouldn’t mind if I have a chance to upgrade :)

Check the new Apple’s iPad 2 (make sure you watch the 2 official videos too)

Are you going to upgrade yours (assuming you already have one) or buy the iPad 2? Or you’re going to wait for iPad3? If you don’t have an iPad, you might find many iPad owners selling theirs cheaply on eBay or other sites ;)

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