How my friend found her lost dog through social media and the net

Davienne meet ScruffyWho says that social media makes your life more miserable? Who says that social media is made only to make you lose your privacy?

Recently we’ve been hearing about how a person got caught in Facebook faking his illness to get a sick leave, how 2 girls shouted for help on Facebook rather than calling the emergency service, or how a mom got sacked because she made an inappropriate comment about her workplace on Twitter.

This time it’s different. It’s the story of my friend, Huiwen, in Singapore (well, we met briefly on the Nuffnang Blog Award 2009 last month) whose dog went missing. By some miracles, she then found Scruffy (the dog) through series of tweeting, plurking, facebook-ing?, and who knows what else!

I’m not gonna re-tell the story again here in this blog but feel free to check out her blog posts to find out how the social media helped her in finding her lost dog! It was quite an amusing story especially on how fast and helpful the people at social media are!

At the end, my friend was contacted by the people who found her dog through the contact form on her blog!

The story goes as follows:

I believe her story should have been made onto the media! This is quite an amusing experience and deserves a coverage!

missing dog found through social media
Good on you, Scruffy! Maybe you want to blog about it? *pet*

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