Time Capsule Project by Western Digital

Western Digital Time Capsule Project

This reminds me of “The Knowing” movie where a school was storing the students’ drawings of what they think the future would look like in a real time capsule hidden beneath their school. The time capsule project by Western Digital won’t produce that eerie feeling but instead a nostalgic one. The time capsule will hold memories people want to preserve in photo files submitted to WDTimeCapsule.com. You can participate too (and win some cool prizes such as an XBOX 360 if you’re lucky).

Below is the official news from Western Digital about the Time Capsule Project.

WD® Opens the Time Capsule Project
A 12-month global initiative to ‘save’ our world

Sydney, Australia – November 9 2009 – WD®, a world leader in the storage industry, today announced the opening of the ‘Time Capsule Project’ – a special initiative designed to capture the moments of our time and safely store them on a WD hard drive for future generations to see.

The time capsule is a long-held tradition as a way to preserve our precious memories for the next generation to experience at a special time and place. In today’s fast-paced modern society and with advancements in digital technologies and storage capacities, the time capsule tradition has evolved into digital preservation of our memories. The WD Time Capsule storage device – today’s modern-day time capsule – will take the form of a massive 2 Terabyte WD Caviar® Green™ hard drive.

What is the WD Time Capsule Project?
The WD Time Capsule Project is a call out to everyday people, communities, towns, cities and countries to submit memories they would like to preserve by visiting www.wdtimecapsule.com – be they photos of a first car, graduation ceremony, a group photo of lifelong friends, a black and white photo of one’s grandparents, a magical moment among families, a photo of an endangered species or images of an environmentally friendly initiative in a bustling metropolis. For anyone wanting to preserve a memory in the WD Time Capsule for our next generation to experience, this is a unique opportunity.

The new WD Time Capsule website is designed to do one thing – “save” our world. Preserving photos from people from all walks of life, it is WD’s intention to capture a collection of people’s time-stopping memories, an exercise spanning only one year. Each month, a social theme will be set as an inspiration for creative minds to participate. The launch theme this month is ‘Your Small Contributions to Saving the Environment.’ To kick off the project, WD’s Tod Yagi, Senior Manager, Worldwide Channel Marketing, Component Hard Drive Business Unit, will be the first person to upload pictures to the WD Time Capsule.

“The Time Capsule project is important for WD. It gives us an opportunity to demonstrate to our customers, colleagues and friends the importance of backing up valuable memories. We want to encourage people to notice the important social trends happening around us, and use this opportunity to record and preserve into history the world as they see it in 2009,” Tod Yagi explains.  “The greater participation in the Time Capsule project, the better we capture a special glimpse of our world and impart unique perspectives for the benefit of our current and future generations. I will be the first person to participate to the WD Time Capsule.”

Participate and Win Monthly Prizes
The WD Time Capsule Project is open for a one-year period and will offer citizens a variety of monthly themes for inspiration. Participants automatically are entered into a monthly drawing with the opportunity to win special prizes. Highlights of saved images will be showcased in a photo ticker on the site throughout the year as an example to others.

To use WD’s Time Capsule, users simply:
1) Visit www.wdtimecapsule.com;
2) Create a simple account using the registration form;
3) Upload as many photos as they wish based on the monthly theme into the WD Time Capsule; and
4) Go into the monthly draw with the chance to win amazing prizes.

Why WD launched the Time Capsule Project?
Wikepedia.org: “a time capsule is a historic cache of goods and/or information, usually intended as a method of communication with people in the future. Time capsules are sometimes created and buried during celebrations such as a World Fair, cornerstone laying for a building, or at other events. The phrase “time capsule” has been in use since about 1939.”

Fast forward, WD, one of the storage industry’s pioneers and long-time leaders, recognises the importance of people’s data and is committed to protecting that data and memories with exceptionally reliable products, advanced data protection technologies and superior customer support.

The WD Time Capsule Project – “Save Your World” – demonstrates the growing storage capacities and reliability of its hard drives and how this affects our everyday lives. Every photo that individuals upload will be stored in WD’s 2 TB WD Caviar Green hard drive. After one year, the WD Time Capsule Project will be closed. But memories will live on securely and safely and will be shared with the world and our future generations. The WD Time Capsule will be stored for safe keeping in Australia.

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