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Hotel Mogul HD Review

Hotel Mogul HD ReviewHotel Mogul HD, a game by Alawar Entertainment, is a property management simulation on the iPad. In Hotel Mogul HD, you will help a lady name Lynette (who’s being cheated by her husband) to get her company back by using your excellent business and management skills to use. Before you know it, you’ll start building hotels, cafes, parks, and other necessary entities to fulfill your objectives.

Beware! Hotel Mogul HD is very fun and addictive to play!

There are 35 levels in totals, ranging from 5 different areas (canyons, forests, etc). In your arsenal, you have multiple types of properties that you can build, upgrade, and demolish at your own leisure. I was a bit confused at first with the term “Hotel” because apparently a campground, a motel, or a guesthouse is considered as a Hotel too. Anyway, apart from the hotels, you can also build a few other buildings such as commercial buildings or factories. These buildings help to improve the value of your properties in different ways or make you more productive in managing your income and expenditures.

There are 2 main sources that you need to have in Hotel Mogul HD: Money and Materials. You need the money to buy land, materials, properties that are not owned by you, and also workers. You build properties by using the materials and workers. As you play throughout the game, you’ll be busy taking care of these resources by tapping your finger in frenzy.

As if it’s not enough to manage all of these at the same time, there’s also an Expert challenge where you need to beat the objectives in time. There are lots of quick decisions to make while playing the game; Should I upgrade this hotel now or should I wait until my next pay check so I can hire an extra worker? Should I sell my 3 stars motel so I get a boost of money in expense of getting a regular income from it? Where should I build my mall so I can get the most out of it? etc. Hotel Mogul HD always keeps you on your toes at all times.

Each level has different objectives and it is up to you on how you are going to reach the objectives. Some levels are hard (require you to do certain things in the right order for a few minutes) and some are easy enough that you can enjoy playing and relax. Since you are not really required to finish every level before the time runs out, Hotel Mogul HD is quite accessible to everyone (although you probably can’t teach your little kids to play this game).

The graphic is top-notch (love the main menu screen too) and audio cues let you know of certain events such as when a building needs to be repaired and so on. Animations are smooth and adds life into the game. The story is okay but you don’t play Hotel Mogul HD for the storyline. Hotel Mogul HD is challenging, fun to play, and very addictive. This is one of the games that made me play for hours without realizing how much time has past. It’s also that kind of game that makes you say “Just one more level….then I’ll go to sleep!” Of course, that never happens.

Hotel Mogul HD is US$6.99 by the time this review was written.

Hotel Mogul HD – Alawar Entertainment, Inc

NOTE: Review license was provided by Alawar Entertainment

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