Grab your broken Sennheiser headphones’ parts here

Sennheiser replacement
If for any reason, you either misplace or break a part of your Sennheiser headphones (i.e cables, leather pads, etc), you are in for a surprise. Sennheiser Australia has recently launched a dedicated site where you can purchase these missing or broken parts and accessories for your headphones.

It definitely is cheaper than having to buy a whole new set of headphones. All you have to do is find the Sennheiser headphones model that you own, and you can search or browse for its available spare parts and accessories online and have them delivered to you within days.
For example, if my dog ever chews my Sennheiser PC 363D gaming headset‘s cable away, I know I can grab a replacement over at Sennheiser Australia Spares site.
Sennheiser PC 363D Spare parts
So, don’t start throwing your Sennheiser headphones away just yet if you break it. You may be able to save some money and get a replacement part for it.
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