Xbox One May 2015 updates

Xbox One
End of May is just around the corner, but the month will not end with nothingness yet. Microsoft has listed some rolled-out updates coming before the month is over which includes a new ability to send and receive voice messages from the Xbox One messages app, and more.
Here are some of the other welcomed updates for your Xbox One in May 2015
  • Voice Messages
    Send and receive voice messages from Xbox One messages app. Voice messages will also work among Xbox One and the older Xbox 360 console. Sweet.
  • User Selectable Power Mode
    Allows you to pick from the different power modes during setup: Instant-on for those who use Xbox One often, as you can simply say “Xbox on” to turn it on and it will also do background updates while on standby (I set my Xbox One to this mode). The other mode saves you more energy (Energy-saving mode), but you have to press the power button manually to switch it on and it doesn’t seem to do auto updates in the background.
  • Use Xbox One SmartGlass to power on and off
    Control your Xbox One from the SmartGlass app for Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. You need to have them all connected on the same wireless network with your Xbox One.
  • Dedicated servers for Party Chat
    More dedicated servers availability to Xbox One owners so you can have a reliable Party Chat.
  • Updates for the Xbox app on Windows 10: Avatars, Friends, Game hubs, Game DVR, and Testing Streaming (enable game streaming from Xbox One to your Windows 10 PC – and help testing the feature out and give feedback).
Most of these features were voted high by the Xbox One community and I’m glad Microsoft listens to the community. The future of Xbox One is bright, really bright, if Microsoft keeps this up.
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