EPOS unveils Two New Series to Enhance its Premier Enterprise Headset Line-Up

EPOS has expanded its flagship enterprise headset range at Integrated Systems Europe 2024 (ISE) in Barcelona. The introduction of two advanced wired headset series, the IMPACT 700 and IMPACT 800, is designed to meet the diverse demands of modern business professionals, facilitating seamless communication in open office work environments.

Acknowledging the unique challenges of different work environments, EPOS employs cutting-edge technology and decades of psychoacoustic research in its next-generation IMPACT headsets. The IMPACT 700 and IMPACT 800 series, available in Bluetooth, Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT), and Wired options, provide a premium suite of solutions tailored to the needs of talk-centric professionals across various office settings.

Establishing a new paradigm for enterprise technology, EPOS integrates EPOS BrainAdapt technology into the entire IMPACT Generation line. Rooted in world-leading research on how the brain perceives sound, this pioneering technology minimises brain fatigue, enhances cognitive performance, and facilitates improved communication.

Adding to EPOS’ existing lineup of top-tier enterprise headsets, which includes the flagship on-ear Bluetooth headset – the IMPACT 1000 – the new additions ensure a robust and comprehensive product portfolio:

  • IMPACT 700: Crafted with contact center professionals in mind, the Wired IMPACT 700 series boasts a lightweight design and soft memory foam earpads, providing unparalleled comfort throughout the day. Equipped with three digital microphones employing EPOS BrainAdapt technologies, the IMPACT 700 ensures industry-leading voice pickup for natural-sounding calls.
  • IMPACT 800: Tailored for desk workers in open office environments, the IMPACT 800 guarantees clear communication even in noisy surroundings. It integrates EPOS BrainAdapt technologies with adaptive ANC and industry-leading voice pickup powered by EPOS AI.
  • IMPACT 1000: Representing EPOS’ flagship Bluetooth headset series, the IMPACT 1000 addresses the challenges of modern work environments with industry-leading speech intelligibility and EPOS AI™ technology. Combining powerful features and user-friendly design, it mitigates brain fatigue, minimises disruptive sounds, and boosts productivity.
  • IMPACT 5000: The IMPACT 5000 delivers rich, natural sound and total flexibility. Enhanced security features, including Protected Pairing, 128-bit authentication, DECT Security certification, and EPOS Manager, instill confidence in wearers regarding the security of their calls.

EPOS IMPACT 700 & IMPACT 800 Availability and Price

  • IMPACT 800: January 31, 2024. MSRP: From 199 AUD / 215 NZD
  • IMPACT 700: April 9, 2024. MSRP: From 235 AUD / 295 NZD
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