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reCAPTCHA is now Google’s

recaptcha spam chat bot check
A very funny comic I found in a forum

reCAPTCHA has been acquired by Google today. reCAPTCHA is an anti-spam measure designed to normally combat spam bots that automatically parse and read texts (or images that contain texts). A good example is the CAPTCHA joke on the left :D

What is a CAPTCHA? (You didn’t know?). CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. Not gonna explain what a Turing test is but you can always find out more about CAPTCHA @Wikipedia.

You’ve seen it almost everywhere on the internet: almost on every registration forms, login, or whenever you are trying to submit a form of information on a site. Even though there are many “CAPTCHA” styles, I prefer seeing sites with reCAPTCHA.

A reCAPTCHA’s CAPTCHA looks like:

recaptcha sample

Normally it’s not too hard to read a reCAPTCHA’s CAPTCHA and you can always click on the refresh for it to generate new CAPTCHAs. Some CAPTCHAs are quite annoying though (especially RapidShare’s with all the cats hanging around the letters – not sure if they are still using it now).

Let’s hope Google finds a way to integrate or enhance reCAPTCHA for a better web, free of spam (just a wishful thinking here).

Source: Official Google Blog

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