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Gmail’s Priority Inbox

Gmail Prioirty Inbox

Google just announced another creative solution to one of their online service, Gmail. This time, the feature is called “Priority Inbox”. It’s basically a smart algorithm that tries to predict which emails in your inbox are more important than the others and group them accordingly. As you continue using Gmail, you can “teach” Priority Inbox to be smarter and smarter.

The groupings consist of:

  • Important and unread
  • Starred
  • Everything else.

It analyses how you use Gmail such as emails that you reply or ignore to determine whether an email from someone is important to you or not (and many others). Of course, it will be a hit and miss sometimes but as I said, it learns as you use Gmail more often.

Another thumbs up from the creative team at Google! This will be rolled out to everyone in a week. Since mine hasn’t got the update just yet, I can’t tell my experience or provide screenshots on my inbox with the Priority Inbox turned on.

Anyway, this is the official video from Google about the new feature:

Looking forward for another thing to play around with ;)

To learn more, read more about Gmail Priority Inbox.

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