Gift a computer magazine subscription to your dad and win a Volkswagen!

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So have you got a gift for your dad on the upcoming Father’s Day yet? If you have, please share your idea with us here (assuming your dad is not online and can read your comment, of course). If you haven’t had any idea on a gift yet, you might want to browse and gift your dad an online magazine subscription. If you do this before 4th of October, you can actually win a Volkswagen Golf!

With Magshop, you can order a magazine subscription online for 12 months at a discounted price and there are tons of magazines you can choose from. All of my favorite magazines (or magazines that I’ve heard of, at least) are there on magshop when I had a peek. The magazines will also be delivered for free to your door in Australia so you’ll always get the latest updates on technology, automotive, fashion, and many more! There is also a Magshop gift voucher option, in case you want your dad to pick his magazine himself, so no worries there.

A time like this (Father’s Day) reminds me of my dad and if I have to pick one thing that I can learn from him, it’s his patience. He never got angry (or at least, I could count it using one hand) and he made me feel loved even when he didn’t say much. He’s not the type who forces his decision on me as a parent and I’m really grateful at that too. I know some parents force their kids to take a course that they do not like, or simply trying to make their kids to be like them. I admire my dad because he isn’t like that, yet his kids respect him. Oh, sorry, I guess that was more than just “one thing” to learn from him, surely you don’t mind my ramblings :)

So, if you love your dad as much as I do, it is then the time to give him a good gift. Still need to get a Father’s day gift? Surprise dad with an online magazine subscription from Magshop before 4th October and you could win a Volkswagen Golf!

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