Freeware for Netbooks

freeware for netbooks

If you own a netbook (a new kind of laptop that is compact in size), you might want to bookmark this site. Netbook Freeware is a website dedicated to list all freeware applications specifically for netbooks. If you got confused why must we differentiate a desktop and a netbook application, you are not alone. I was scratching my head for a little bit before but then I realized that there are a few factors to consider such as having a smaller screen and also low on resources. is a legit site and it only covers free software. This means that you won’t see pirated or non-legal software being posted there. The blog is still kinda new but has a great potential.

Below is the official site press release:

Summary: is a freeware website dedicate to free software about Netbooks. Netbooks were a hit this holiday season, and has decided to provide best free software for Netbooks. All the software is completely free and legal.

Main Release:
There are lot of freeware websites out there. However, most of them provide free software for desktops and laptops, and the same software might not be best choice for netbooks. was launched with the purpose of providing software that works well on netbooks. Such softwareis low on system resources, which works well for netbooks.

Netbooks are gaining popularity, because they are extremely cheap, and also easy to carry around. Netbooks normally have smaller screen, and are usually powered by Intel Atom, which is a low power processor. These differences make software needs of Netbooks slightly different than desktops and laptops.

As the name suggests, features free software. All the software featured on www. are completely free. However, none of them is a pirated or crack version of some popular paid software. The software are provided for free by publishers of the software, and are legally free. So, no worries about installing some illegal software on your netbook.

If you have a netbook, and want good free software, then can be your one stop destination. You can also get the updates by following them on Twitter at .

So, if you bought your netbook to keep costs low, then you can keep them that way by installing free software on netbook, and is a good choice for that.”

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