Samsung Netbooks on Sale

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Samsung Netbooks sale

While we’re on the topic (Netbooks), SocialSpark gives me an opportunity to tell about a site called Tech for Less. There’s a sale going on for Samsung Netbooks at

I myself have a Dell XPS 13 Laptop although I normally use my Desktop at home to do my stuffs. One day I might buy one of these lovely Netbooks though so I can carry it around on a bag wherever I go. This way I can blog whenever I get a free time or while I’m waiting for an appointment (or even a public transport to arrive).

There is variety of Samsung Netbooks on sale at the moment but mostly are “Factory refurbished“. It means that:

Factory Refurbished products have been returned to an authorized factory service center, restored to meet manufacturer quality standards, and carry manufacturer warranty.

My friend bought a Dell refurbished laptop before and it felt as good as new, so you don’t have to be worried about buying a factory refurbished item. Not to mention that you get the same manufacturer warranty anyway, should something really happen.

These Samsung Netbooks are available and on sale at Tech for Less:

  • Samsung NP-N120-KA03US
  • Samsung NP-N130-JA01US
  • Samsung NP-N130-KA04US
  • Samsung NP-N110-KA01US
  • Samsung NP-NC10-KA01US

There are many more (about 14 of them) and the price ranges from $279-$415. I wish I can get a hand on one of these Netbooks as I’ll make a lovely review out of it. The Samsung NP-N130-JAS1US looks like a winner: a sexy red color with webcam, Wi-Fi, and comes with Windows 7.

If you are looking for cheap Samsung Netbooks , check out the sale at Tech for Less!

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