With this new Dyson Hard, you will vacuum and mop no more

Dyson Hard

Dyson Hard – Dyson is at it again, fixing every problem and tedious task we have to perform to clean our house. If you have lots of hard floors or tiles at home, you know what I’m talking about. First, you normally have to vacuum (or broom) the floor out, to make way for the mop later. If you have a large house, then it pretty much means cleaning the same spot all over again with 2 different tools.

With this latest invention by Dyson, the Dyson Hard, you can vacuum and mop at the same time!

Dyson HardThe Dyson Hard is a portable, cordless vacuum cleaner (much like the Dyson DC44, DC35 Digital Slim, and the DC31 I reviewed in the past). Apart from the machinery difference, the Dyson Hard is equipped with a wet wipe and a double-edge cleaner head to suck dust and dirt before and after the wipe. There are 2 different wipes for different floors (hard floors and wood) but you can buy and replace the wipe with the standard ones sold in shops (may not be as effective, though).

Though it may sound like a simple solution, there are lots of things to think about here – such as the solid construction of the head (as people tend to press hard on the floor when mopping), comfort of the user, among other problems to consider about.

The Dyson Hard is powered by Dyson digital motor V2 with motors that can spin at 104,000rpm, a powerful force that will attract dust, germs, and dirt like there is no tomorrow. The battery has a similar performance like the other portable models, delivering 15 minutes of vacuuming + moping on the standard power (which I found is already more than good enough on the other models) and 6 minutes for the high intensity setting.

Here is the Dyson Hard in action (official video from Dyson):

Some might think that we can just buy the head and fit it in your existing Dyson machines. Alas, you cannot, and a Dyson representative on their Facebook page explains why in a comment:

The wand and floor tool supplied with the Dyson Hard™ vacuum cleaner are not compatible with other Dyson cordless vacuums. During early trials, our engineers learned users would apply strong pressure with two hands to remove stubborn grime. This additional pressure increased stress on the inlet pipe and the upper cuff of the wand, causing the joint to fail.

To prevent this, the engineers reinforced the inlet pipe with an extra inner wall for added strength. As previous Dyson cordless vacuums don’t feature this additional reinforcement, using the Dyson Hard™ wand and floor tool could cause damage – and would void the guarantee on your machine.

If you think that is just a marketing ploy, then feel free to watch the video below, explaining how serious Dyson engineers are in inventing and testing their products all out. It even took 75 prototypes to get it right and perfect.

The machine will be available in the U.S some time this year, hopefully before the Christmas holiday season. If your house is filled with carpets though, you may just want to get their other portable vacuum cleaners instead of waiting for the Dyson Hard.

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