CM Storm Quick Fire Pro Review–Gaming keyboard with just the essentials for gaming


CM Storm Quick Fire Pro Review – The Quick Fire Pro from CoolerMaster Storm is pretty much similar like the Quick Fire Rapid I reviewed last time, except for further “Pro” features.

CM Storm Quick Fire Pro Review – Packaging



The packaging includes:

  • Removable braided USB cable
  • Keypuller (to pull and swap the keys out of the keyboard)
  • Manuals

I find it a bit weird that they include the Keypuller but there are no custom key caps included like the Quick Fire Rapid packaging.


No driver to install so it’s pretty much plug-and-play!

CM Storm Quick Fire Pro Review – Design & Features

The Quick Fire Rapid is quite a compact keyboard although it’s really sturdy and definitely can withstand some abuse (weighs about 1300 grams).


There are no macro keys and the other controls can be toggled via the Fn (Function) key located next to the Right Control Key.


Non standard keyboard functions

Red LED backlight controls (brightness level and also light toggles)
The controls are located on the F1-F4 keys. Unfortunately, not all keys are backlit; Only the left portion of the keyboard, the space bar, and the keypads are:


Obviously, this is to save cost to make Quick Fire Pro more affordable.

Multimedia shortcuts
You can control the volume and your music playback with the multimedia shortcuts (located on F5-F11 keys).

Windows key lock
You can also lock the pesky Windows key when you are gaming. This means you can use the keyboard’s Windows key as it is in Desktop mode rather than having it removed or disabled during manufacturing, which is great.

Response Time modes
You can choose different keyboard response times: 1ms, 2ms, 4ms, or 8ms.

NKRO in USB modes
What is NKRO? NKRO stands for (Full) N-Key RollOver, meaning that you can press as many keys as you want on the keyboard and they will register. Normally, this could only happen in a PS/2 connection and not in USB. The CM Storm Quick Fire Pro NKRO does work in USB mode.

If you are playing games that require 10 or more key presses simultaneously, the Quick Fire Pro will rock your world! Or if you are recording music using your keyboard, then this will come in handy too. You have the option to switch between 6 or Full N keys.

Mechanical with different mechanical switch


You can get the Quick Fire Pro in either Black, Brown, Blue, or Red Cherry MX. This way, you can get the Cherry MX that you like (so far I love Brown the most, though I haven’t tried Red). Check my post here to find out the difference between the Cherry MX keys.

Removable braided USB cable with cable routing

The CM Storm Quick Fire Pro’s cable can be detached/removed from the keyboard unit (in case you want to bring your keyboard to a tournament or a LAN party – though they keyboard itself is quite heavy to carry). It also has a nice cable routing at the back of the keyboard.


CM Storm Quick Fire Pro Review – Impressions


Apart from these, there isn’t much to tell about the Quick Fire Pro. It’s pretty much a great gaming mechanical keyboard that just works and only has the essential features of a gaming keyboard.

It does not have fancy colors, no wrist rest (it doesn’t seem to need one after I used it for a few weeks), and has great keys positioning.

The overall key sizes are perfect and the essential keys stand out at the right sizes (Backspace, Enter, Right Shift, etc).

The materials are of high quality and the sturdiness feels like you can just abuse this keyboard and it will never break (great for people who like to bang their heads or hands with frustrations, he-eh).

CM Storm Quick Fire Pro Review – Conclusions


CM Storm Quick Fire Pro is a mechanical keyboard powered with the essentials for gaming: sturdy, simplistic, great quality material, comfortable, NKRO support, affordable, and options for different mechanical switches. It’s also the answer to my complain about the Quick Fire Rapid’s absence of a keypad.

Though it does not have macro keys or full backlit keys, the Quick Fire Pro is great & affordable for gamers who do not need extra bling-bling so they can focus more on their games and spend the extra money somewhere else.

Note: CM Storm Quick Fire Pro review sample was provided for the review

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