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Joke: Dog, a man’s best friend

Find out why dogs are called men's best friends :) Have a good weekend! PS: Not sure if these photos are photoshopped.                                                                                                

Weekend fun: Husband and Wife Jokes

Weekend fun: Husband and Wife Jokes - Got some funny jokes in my email inbox and I thought I'd share it with you here....

Cyanide and Happiness comic strips

I found these Cyanide and Happiness comic strips on a forum thread (among other comic strips).  Some are adult jokes but I manage...

The answer for “Guess the right girl”…..

So, it's time for the "Guess the right girl" quiz answer a few days ago.. are you ready? :)   *drum rolls* The "hidden girl" is...

Escape From Prison Joke

It's Friday night, time for some good laughs or smiles :) Here is good joke about a man who escapes from a prison and...
buy apps joke

Weekend Fun: Buying apps from iTunes joke

The last picture is quite sad, but true for some of us :) Have a great weekend! Note: look at the pictures from top...