“Let me Google that for you”

Let me google that for you

There are times where people just ask you these “lazy” questions to you instead of searching for the answer themselves on Google. Or the way this site put it:

This is for all those people that find it more convenient to bother you with their question rather than google it for themselves.

Let me Google that for you (or lmgtfy.com) creates an animation based on your search keywords which will then bring the viewer to Google with the keywords search. So for example, let’s say you send me an email through this blog form to ask: “Hey Mike, can you tell me how to reformat my Windows?”

From now on, be prepared to get this as an answer from me:

“Oh sure, here you go, read this: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+to+reformat+windows

Got the message? Good :)

If you are constantly being nagged by your friends with these kind of questions, always remember Let Me Google That For You (lmgtfy.com)

I can’t wait to use this on my friends heh heh.

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