Weekend Fun – Best Construction Award

construction joke - atm
"Give me Da Monnneyyy!"

It’s weekend fun time! I got these real life photos from a mailing list long ago and thought that I should share a few laughs (hopefully) to you.
Have a good weekend!

construction joke - cam behind tv
"Did someone turn off the light?"
construction joke - no door
We are closed. Permanently.
construction joke - escalator
The escalator to nowhere
construction joke - disengaged stairs
We were a bit tight on budget..so..
construction joke - closed stairs
"We call the room upstairs, the Extreme Privacy Room"
construction joke - batman pole
Hurry! To the bat pole!
construction joke - balcony without a window
When you suspect that your neighbour is a thief..
construction joke - balcony above a railway
This way, I don't need to waste my time walking to the train station
construction joke - assymetrical windows
"Sorry..it was Friday Night when I did the Windows on your apartment.."
construction joke - toilet
"Excuse me, Can you just move a little bit? I only need a little bit more space"
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