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eBook Search Queen is a free web search engine service that searches all available online eBooks in pdf, doc, ppt, txt, and rtf formats. So yes, you can even search pdf documents with eBooks Search Queen service. What makes this service special is that you can search the contents of the eBooks instead of searching only through the titles. It seems that eBook Search Queen saves the eBooks contents on their servers to make them searchable.
To start searching for eBooks, simply go to eBooks Search Queen website and then start typing your keywords on the Search field:

ebooks search engine

The display is quite similar to Google, which is good. It’s simple and straight forward. You can see the eBook document type by looking at the icon next to an eBook’s title. There is unfortunately no document conversion available from the search engine so you need to have the right application to be able to open the eBooks.

There is also an “Add to Search Engine List” button on the site but it doesn’t seem to do anything on both my Mozilla Firefox 3.5 RC and Google Chrome A simple online guide about using this feature is welcomed.

If you don’t know what you are looking for, you can see the recent searches on the front page. Out of boredom, you might find some interesting eBooks through people searches’ history. eBooks Search Queen also accepts other languages keywords (I tried putting some Indonesian keywords on the search field) which are quite handy if you are looking for eBooks in your own language. Tons of information is available online and best tools are being developed constantly to make sure that they can be found. eBooks Search Queen, an eBook Search Engine, is definitely one of them.


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