April Fools 2013 Collection

April Fools 2013 Collection – You shouldn’t believe any news you read yesterday (on the 1st of April) because it may just be an April fool. As always, even giant corporations and brands love to create April Fool jokes to surprise and also to entertain. This year is no exception, but I find that this year’s April Fools are not as interesting and fun as the ones before.

Anyway, here are some of them.

Google Maps Treasure

You can go to Google Maps and find the “Start Treasure Hunting” at the bottom left of the page.


YouTube will be down as they are going to select the best video and make it a winner (which will take….. ages obviously)

Gmail Blue

I’m blue da ba dee da ba die…. Blue is good. Blue is my favorite color, actually. Looks like it is also the color of choice of Gmail’s prank team. Introducing Gmail Blue (probably a parody of  the upcoming Microsoft Windows Blue operating system)

Razer Naga Update to make phone calls

How awesome it will be if you can use your favorite gaming mouse to make and receive calls!

Razer Naga

There is a whole page dedicated to this April Fool’s joke from Razer.

Google Nose

Google Glass will be delayed, according to the news I read today, but that will not prevent them from introducing… Google Nose!

I’m sure there will be tons of other April Fool jokes around. Have you found anything that you like the most? Feel free to share the link here.

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