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A new Australian search engine site named CarGrabber can be used to search for used cars easily in Australia. You can seach based on the model, color, KM min, and of course by price. Definitely useful for Australians who are looking to buy second hand cars. Below is the official press release.


New Australian Search Engine Makes Finding The Perfect Used Car Quicker And Easier

Sydney, December 2010: Australians looking to buy a used car can now save considerable time and effort by speeding through the process with CarGrabber ( – a new search engine for used cars that recently launched.

The brainchild of Australians Claude Morello and Chris Noone, CarGrabber is a new concept in online search that has been two years in the making. The idea was born of the founders’ frustration at needing to search multiple used car websites and online directory listings to find relevant used cars and light commercial vehicles.

“In this digital age, we thought there should be a better, simpler and faster way to search for and find used cars in Australia,” says Claude Morello, “So we set out to solve the problem.  CarGrabber is the only search engine where people can find used cars available for sale on leading car websites in Australia, in one place, with tools that let them sort and compare.”

Morello said to find the “perfect” used car online, buyers previously had to travel back and forth between many online websites, click through hundreds of web pages and ads, and then print, write down or copy the information and compare it all manually.

CarGrabber saves buyers significant time and effort by searching and sorting cars in one place from multiple leading online car websites in Australia.
“CarGrabber fills the gap between general search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! and individual used car websites, making it much faster to develop and refine lists of used cars, with just a couple of clicks” Morello said.

The new search engine features a range of unique features and tools that are not available on used car websites, including:
•       See cars on multiple websites
•       Select individual years, models and locations
•       Share your search
•       Sort results by two criteria e.g. year and price
•       Quick Grab lets you choose a body type and then select which manufacturers you want to include in the search

CarGrabber is strictly a search engine.  It is free to use for buyers. Once a buyer has developed and compared a list of relevant used cars, they simply click through to the online site where their preferred car is advertised.

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