BlueAnt X-3D Max Review – Australian-Designed Portable, Bluetooth Speaker

BlueAnt X-3D MAX portable speaker is possibly my favourite premium, portable, Bluetooth speaker

Introducing the BlueAnt X-3D MAX portable speaker, a standout contender in the realm of premium portable Bluetooth speakers. As someone who has experienced the toll of prolonged computer use, I understand the importance of having the right gadgets, and this speaker has quickly become my top choice.

Its eye-catching design, exemplified by the large, user-friendly control buttons and available in vibrant colorus like Coral Chic orange-pink, makes it not just a functional audio device but also a stylish accessory. Perfectly balancing ergonomic needs with high-quality audio performance, the BlueAnt X-3D MAX is a testament to innovative design and superior sound, making it an ideal companion for both work and leisure.

BlueAnt X-3D MAX Review – Unboxing and Packaging Contents

BlueAnt X-3D MAX Review – Design and Features

Large play, volume up and down buttons are the first thing you notice when holding a BlueAnt X-3D MAX portable speaker. I choose the bright stand-out Coral Chic orange-pink colour over the other three available colours such as Boudoir Red, Nobility Blue, or Oyster Black.

BlueAnt X-3D MAX-Review

To start the speaker, a dedicated power button is easy to locate and a dedicated Bluetooth button for easy connectivity to vast ranges of Bluetooth capable devices such as laptops, Android smartphones, iPhone, and iPad. Battery indicators with four dots also present to show the remaining battery juice. 

Here are four important factors why BlueAnt X-3D MAX speaker is my pick for 2023 portable speaker:

Big Sound Omni direction

To my ears, BlueAnt X-3D MAX has excellent audio clarity plus a good amount of bass tones. My wife also gives a thumbs up for extra bass, especially for her kpop music. I could turn the BlueAnt X-3D MAX very loud, the audio clarity remains present and I love the fact that you get a clear sound whatever the portable speaker direction is facing.

Techie specs; BlueAnt X-3D MAX is equipped with 4 active speakers: Two 50mm active woofers and two 20mm active tweeters delivering a total 40W. 

Maximum Size yet Endorsing Portability

In my opinion, there is something different when playing music on a portable speaker compared to on headphones. At specific circumstances such as doing work out, garden chores or preparing meals for family, portable speakers are best suited in these situations. BlueAnt X-3D MAX is decently sized, definitely not tiny and too bulky that requires elbow grease to move from one place to another. Given I like the premium audio output, this is a win-win given its size, weight and up to 12 hours playtime.  

Certified IP67 Waterproof rating

Nobody can predict the weather, especially if you’re in Melbourne. Sudden shower when I’m outside or forgetting to bring the speaker indoors; No worries. BlueAnt X-3D MAX is certified IP67 rated, it’s waterproof giving extra degree protection than water resistant rating.

Music during kids bath time? No worries. Light shower during garden chores or backyard BBQ? No worries.

Designed and Engineered in Australia

This may sound cheesy but I still think one of the deciding factors of buying any product to me is where the product IP originated from. The good news is that BlueAnt X-3D Max is engineered and designed in Australia, providing benefits in supporting local businesses and preserving expertise in the audio industry. 

Not crucial but nice to have features

I’m happy with the BlueAnt X-3D MAX’s inclusions for peace of mind, such as its rapid charging capability via USB-C, the latest Bluetooth v5.3 offering and passive cooling for continuous playtime.

BlueAnt X-3D MAX can be charged by an AC power plug or my existing power bank for charging versatility. Supplied power charger is small and compact thanks to its GaN technology which is nice to be included out of the box. USB-C cable is also included.

Any compromise?

For the AU$279 price tag, BlueAnt X-3D MAX doesn’t have built-in smart features, such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. This is purely a speaker product.

BlueAnt X-3D MAX Review Conclusion

BlueAnt X-3D MAX Review

In summary, the BlueAnt X-3D MAX stands as an impressive choice in the premium portable Bluetooth speaker market, particularly for those who value sound quality and design.

Its robust sound performance, coupled with a variety of colour options, caters well to both aesthetic preferences and audio needs. The speaker’s ease of use, with clearly marked buttons and straightforward connectivity, enhances the user experience, making it suitable for a variety of settings – from casual listening to powering through workouts or outdoor activities.

The waterproof certification adds a layer of practicality, ensuring durability in unpredictable weather conditions. While it lacks smart features like voice assistants, the BlueAnt X-3D MAX excels in its primary function as a high-quality speaker, offering superb audio clarity and ample bass. Priced at AU$279, it represents a solid investment for those seeking a reliable, high-performing portable speaker without the need for built-in smart technology.

Disclosure: BlueAnt X-3D MAX review sample was supplied for reviewing

BlueAnt X-3D MAX Review


The BlueAnt X-3D MAX Portable Speaker excels as a premium, ergonomically designed Bluetooth speaker, offering exceptional sound quality and practical features

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