Bloggers, this is your chance to get Posts for iPad for free

Best Blogging app for iPad

If you have read my review about an app called Posts for iPad, then I’m sure you’re longing to have that app on your iPad too, if you are a blogger. Posts for iPad looks really cool, sleek, and worthy to be called the best app for blogging on the iPad!

Now, I’m giving away 2 promo codes through this Posts for iPad giveaway. If you win, you can download and install this app on your iPad for free and enjoy a better blogging on the iPad.

How to win Posts for iPad app on the iPad

Simply use the widget below to join this giveaway and get entries. You will get more entries/points when you refer a friend to this post. So share more to get more people to visit this post to increase your chance of winning!

Two winners with the highest entries will be chosen to receive a promo code on the 15th of September at 9 PM AEST. All the best!

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