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Better business meetings with Video Conferencing

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Note: This is a guest post written by Susan Smith

Video conferencing technologies offer companies the chance to take their communication needs to the next level, minus the headache and stress. Here’s how:

Ease of Use

In the past, if you wanted to pull off an online conference meeting, you had to have your IT team at the ready. The slightest hitch and you had to have the pros take over. Too many glitches, though, didn’t make for great online conversation and just served to emphasize, in a huge way, the strikingly awkward ambiance of having to endure a conversation in a medium that was far from comfortable.

It’s like that one time you sang along with the rest of the kids in the choir. You weren’t sure at what point you had to begin to sing. You took a wild stab. You were wrong. Imagine that kind of painful, awkward encounter in a business setting, where you’re trying to shout your way through the mic in the conference phone or doing your best to squint through the blurriness of a bad connection to find the person you’re supposed to be having a conversation with.

Fast-forward to today, where companies like Blue Jeans have simplified conferencing online for IT, taking the stress of setup away from both you and your IT department. With HD clarity, it’ll even feel like the person on the screen is just in the room with you.

Anywhere, everywhere meetings

These days, people seem to be busier than ever. With video conferencing, setting up team meetings or trying to get an opinion from a panel of other experts in the field doesn’t have to be impossible to set up. Video conferencing provides you with a way to get in touch with everyone and to get them to a meeting right then and there, says Talk Business.

No need to travel to a central meeting place, braving brutal traffic and the throng of gawking tourists from Topeka. No need to leave the office so you won’t have to waste precious time getting there. With video conferencing, you can meet with anyone, anytime, anywhere.


Video conferencing makes work from home solutions possible. This offers employees the chance to be fully flexible in their work schedules, leading to a happy team. B2Community says it’s a great way for companies to learn how to manage themselves better in order to keep great people. With video conferencing, it’s easy to keep an eye on your team and to stay in touch, no matter their location in the globe or time zone.

Face to face contact

Nothing beats a face-to-face meeting. But if it can’t be arranged, then video conferencing is the next best thing. Discussions happen and decisions are resolved that much faster. Imagine doing the same on chat or email. The time alone that it takes you to type in a message, to clean up it up to make sure nothing sounds off, takes you the good part of 15 minutes. Then you’ll have to wait for the reply, read it and then go through the same thing you did when you had to write the message in the first place. It’s tedious and time-consuming.

With video conferencing, you skip the tedium and go straight to shop talk. By using a communication tool that allows you to reach out to your onsite and offsite staff that much easier and more efficiently, you get to arrive at decisions early, improve production time lines for projects and meet deadlines without costly delays, all of which are excellent news for your business.

Less Stress

Commuting woes and problems often impair employee attention in work. After all, when people are stressed, they’re hardly in the best frame of mind to get things done. With video conferencing, though, you reduce the amount of daily stress your employees take on, which has the benefit of providing you with teams that have greater focus and thus are much more productive at work. The less stress they have to deal with on a regular basis, the more productive they’re going to be.

Less travel costs

By reducing the amount of travel you and your employees need to take, you can look forward to a lot of cost-savings. That’s money you can put back into the business or use for something else.

Less waiting

Unlike traditional meetings in conference rooms where you have to wait and indulge in small talk with the rest of the early birds, video conferencing allows you to log in at exactly the time stated in the invite. That way, you don’t waste minutes making small talk and thus have spare moments all throughout the day that allow you to take a breather now and then.

Video conferencing is one of the best tools around for companies. If you want better business meetings to come with better ROI and even an improved bottom line, give this communication tool a shot.

Note: This guest post was written by Susan Smith

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