Best iPhone accessory I’ve ever used – KIKR S1 Review

I have a phone stand and many wireless charging pads lying around the house, but I do wish I can combine them all into a single device. At night while I’m playing games, I usually live stream the Nursery’s D-Link camera through my smartphone on a phone stand and monitor our 5-months-old while he sleeps. This definitely takes a toll on battery life and there are times where I had to place the phone on a charging pad to charge instead (but making it harder to see the screen).

There is however, a new, super handy device in town. KIKR S1 is a fully adjustable phone stand with dual wireless chargers. Not only you can watch your movies or view your notifications on a stand, you can also charge your phone plus an extra device at the same time!

KIKR S1 is fully adjustable whether you want to place your phone on Portrait or Landscape orientation, and you can also tweak the angles, height, and leg length. Thanks to this versatility, you can use the phone stand for all sorts of activities: getting the right angle during a video call, taking a glance when new notifications arrive, watching your favourite TV episodes, or an easy-to-see clock while you are asleep.

Interestingly, you can even charge the phone while on Landscape orientation on the stand – something you can’t do normally on regular, charging phone stands. This means you can binge some TV Series episodes while charged at the same time.

The stand is durable and doesn’t feel flimsy at all even having a big smartphone like the new iPhone 12 Pro Max on the stand. If you have an iPad or other tablets, the stand can hold them comfortably too.

There are non-slip mats on all the contact points of the KIKR S1 to protect your devices from scratch, but to also somewhat prevent them from falling/hold them in place.

The dual wireless chargers both support 10W/7.5W/5W charging mode (depending on the devices placed) but fast charging would require QC 3.0/2.0 or PD adapter. So if you have something like the Zendure Passport II Pro (61W USB-C PD), you are set. If not, you can plug it to any powerboard with USB because the power adapter isn’t included.

The S1 enables 0.3 inches/8mm charging distance, which means it will work with most cases out there except metal cases and super thick cases. I’m using a slim case from Totallee on my old iPhone 11 Pro Max with 0.03 inches, so I’ve had no problems so far. But even with a thicker OtterBox Symmetry Clear Case for my iPhone 12 Pro Max, the S1 can still charge the phone on the base (i.e case is too thick to be charged on the stand).

And oh, you can also fold the S1 flat and carry it with you in a bag or backpack.

KIRK S1 Fully Adjustable Stand with Dual Wireless Charger Review Conclusion

KIKR S1 is a must-have accessory for any smartphone owners. I’ve reviewed tons of portable chargers, charging cables, charging stand, and a mix of them like this EFM Wireless Power Bank, but I’ve never come across a charging stand this flexible and handy.

It charges your device (phone, tablets) while sitting on the stand in any orientation and you can also add another device to charge like an Airpod or this HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro on its base. Furthermore, the angle, height, and position are very adjustable that you are going to use the S1 for all sorts of activities with your phone.

If you order the KIKR S1 now which is around AU$50 (can be done through our link here), you’ll also get these handy, four cable holders for FREE. They are good to manage your charging cables, making your bedside table or desk tidier.

Disclosure: KIKR S1 review sample was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are mine

KIKR S1 Fully Adjustable Stand with Dual Wireless Chargers Review


Durable, fully adjustable stand supporting smartphone and tablets, plus dual wireless chargers


  • Durable stand, foldable
  • Fully adjustable (height, angle, orientation)
  • Dual Qi wireless charging, supporting up to 10W each
  • Charging works both on Portrait and Landscape orientation
  • The stand supports an iPad or other tablets
  • Good price


  • Power adapter not included
  • Can’t charge bulky cases
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