BeReal. What is it? Does Instagram gonna be dead?

Note: This is a guest post written by Jeeva Shanmugam – Instagram has evolved as a formidable platform in the ever-changing social media market, catching the attention of billions of users worldwide. However, as the digital arena becomes increasingly flooded with picture-perfect situations and meticulously manicured profiles, a new platform, known as BeReal has emerged, calling into question the authenticity and long-term viability of the Instagram culture.

Here’s a detailed article on BeReal, discussing all of its features, causes, and other factors.  Is Instagram on the verge of extinction, or can it evolve to provide a more authentic and relatable experience? Here’s my opinion.

BeReal: Things You Should Know

What is BeReal?

BeReal is a social networking platform launched in 2020 by Alexis Barreyat and Kévin Perreau, with a refreshingly simple premise. Every day, users are invited to take a single photo at random between 9am and 9pm, resulting in a one-of-a-kind split-screen collage. The front-facing camera shows the user’s face, while the rear-facing camera shows their surroundings.

BeReal, in particular, takes pride in its dedication to authenticity, barring any alteration or filtering of the photographs. Furthermore, users have a special feeling of real-time connection because they may only watch the BeReals of their friends who posted on the same day.

How Does BeReal Work?

Individuals who want to use BeReal must first create an account and provide their phone number. Users receive access to the intriguing world of BeReal after successfully creating an account.

The procedure begins with activating the app and anxiously waiting for a notice indicating the availability of their BeReal. This message contains the time when the BeReal will be recorded. Users have two minutes after receiving the message to capture their BeReal. And the most crucial part is failure to complete this task within this period results in a lost opportunity for the day.

When a person captures their BeReal successfully, it is instantly shared with their followers. As a result, followers have the opportunity to view the BeReals taken by their friends and other people via their feeds. Users may connect with BeReals by commenting on and reacting to these compelling moments, allowing them to communicate their ideas and appreciation beyond simple observation.

Advantages of BeReal

BeReal has received praise for its commitment to authenticity and realism, distinguishing it from other social networking sites. Unlike its competitors, BeReal strictly bans picture altering and filtering, encouraging users to post raw and unposed photographs. This novel approach appeals to users who have grown tired of the pervasive filtered and modified information seen on other sites.

Furthermore, BeReal develops a strong feeling of community with its unique random photo-taking mechanism, creating real-time connections among users. As a result, these relationships are typically more meaningful and real, adding to the platform’s attractiveness.

Disadvantages of BeReal

BeReal introduces a variety of difficulties that users may face when using the app.

  • One major disadvantage is that the random photo-taking feature might take people off guard and could lead to missed chances.
  • Furthermore, the app’s addictive nature can generate an excessive sense of pressure to post every day, negatively hurting users’ well-being.
  • Furthermore, the platform’s emphasis on actual people and places invites cyberbullying, exposing users to potentially hurtful comments and abuse.
  • Concerns about privacy come as a result of the app’s usage of front and rear-facing cameras, which essentially broadcast users’ location and surroundings.
  • Finally, BeReal’s smaller user base compared to other social media platforms may limit the opportunity to engage with a larger network of people.

Can I Go Viral on BeReal?

While fame is not the primary goal of BeReal, it is possible to attain viral notoriety on the network. However, it’s important to recognize that because BeReal focuses on authenticity and realism, the route to virality may be more difficult than on other social media platforms.

Having said that, a few BeReals have managed to garner global recognition. These viral BeReals frequently have insightful, amusing, or thought-provoking aspects. One viral BeReal, for example, showed a person having a shower, while another showed a user getting a haircut.

If you want to become viral on BeReal, you must produce BeReals that are truly distinctive, intriguing, and capable of capturing users’ attention. Furthermore, publishing your BeReals at moments of high user activity can significantly increase your chances of reaching a bigger audience.

Is BeReal Safe?

BeReal employs a number of security features to keep its users secure. For example, the software prevents users from disclosing their location with others, therefore protecting their privacy.

Furthermore, BeReal’s unique random photo-taking mechanism makes it difficult for users to share staged or manipulated photographs, encouraging a more real experience. However, it is critical to remember that no social networking site can offer complete security.

While using BeReal, users must be cautious of possible threats such as cyberbullying and online predators. If you ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable while using the app, it is critical that you report the problem to the developers as soon as possible so that it may be addressed. Read BeReal’s Privacy Policy

Wrapping It All

Overall, in my opinion, BeReal is a groundbreaking social networking app that stresses honesty and sincerity, distinguishing itself from other networks. BeReal’s one-of-a-kind random photo-taking feature enables people to connect in real-time, encouraging genuine connections.

The app fosters an environment where people feel comfortable revealing their actual selves by emphasizing the significance of unedited and unposed material. BeReal is an app that demands your attention if you want an unedited and authentic social networking experience. Click Here to try BeReal

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