How to see a Private Instagram account without following


Note: This is a guest post written by Esther Williams – Unlocking private Instagram accounts can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. You will agree that Instagram’s privacy feature is great for protecting your own profile but tricky when you want tosee a private Instagram account.

Wondering how to see a private Instagram account without following is a puzzle many Instagram users face. Private profiles only let approved followers see posts. So, how do you get through this digital maze and see what’s hidden without being a follower? What other ways will help you view other private Instagram without following them?

In this article, we’ll share the tricks and tips, revealing the art of accessing private Instagram accounts without following them.

Apply for a Private Instagram Viewer App

To begin, let’s delve into the essence of a private Instagram viewer app. These apps, for the most part, eliminate the need for installation and can be accessed directly from any web browser. Now, the question arises: “How to view a private account on Instagram”? You only need to input the target user’s URL or Instagram username and let the apptake care of the rest. This straightforward process allows you to peruse a specific profile for a brief period without the need tofollow the account or tinker with settings.

Moreover, you don’t require technical prowess or social media expertise to employ an Instagram viewer app. Whether you’re a casual Instagram useror a novice on the platform, these tools empower you to satisfy your curiosity without hassle. So, whether it’s for personal interest or business purposes, these apps significantly simplify the process of viewing private Instagram accounts.

Explore the User’s Profile on Other Social Media Platforms

Checking out a private Instagram account can be akin to solving a complex riddle, but fear not, there’s a savvy way to decipher their digital trail. As the saying goes, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Probably, someone who’s added an extra privacy layer to their Instagram account hasn’t fortified their other social media sites to the same degree.

Furthermore, individuals often disseminate similar content across various platforms, providing usefuldata you can investigate.

Which social media platform should you investigate to access the desired data? Consider these popular options:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok
  • Twitter

Consider it a digital treasure hunt if you’re determined to uncover a private Instagram profile. Start by finding their full name on their Instagram page– this is your key to finding them on other social media, and then pass the name when searching for in the below-listed social media platforms. By doing so, you can access their photos and videos and have a complete picture of their online life. Plus, it lets you bypass Instagram’s privacy settings.

Connect with Their Close Friends or Followers

To unlock the secrets of how to see a private Instagram account, you may resort to a widely-used method: connecting with the individual’s close friends or followers. This approach can yield fruitful results, increasing the chances of their posts appearing in your feed and opening the door to additional possibilities. By forging strong connections with mutual friends, you may ask them to grant you access to the target person’s Instagram account or requestthem to save and share photos via SMS, email, or other messaging apps.

As one wisdom says: “An old friend is better than two new ones.” Indeed, you should be very careful as not all new friends may prove as trustworthy as they seem. There’s always the risk that they could alert the account ownerabout your intentions. What steps will you take in such a scenario to solve the problem? Therefore, always check the person’s reliability before confiding your secrets or intentions.

Use Google to Access Private IG Photos

Often, Google indexes public Instagram profiles and their content, allowing you to glimpse what the user has shared. While you might not access their entire profile, you could find clues or images that provide valuable insights.

Although this option isn’t consistently effective, it does work for certain Instagram profiles. First, input the individual’s name or username into Google’s search bar, followed by “Instagram” or relevant keywords. Google will organize your search results into distinct categories. Opt for the “Images” section, where you can peruse photographs that may feature one or more photos of the target user.

It’s important to note that this method depends on the user’s online presence and the extent to which they share their content publicly. Private Instagram accounts are generally not indexed by search engines so success can vary widely. Nevertheless, it’s a relatively easy and non-intrusive approach to explore when you’re curious about someone’s Instagram posts without directly engaging with their private profile.

Create a Fake IG Account

Creating afake Instagram accountis another method to view a private Instagram account. You must create a secondary Instagram account under a different identity or persona to attempt this method. Bear in mind that the nickname should look legitimatein the eyes of the targeted account. Also, consider your friends list and add a few random IG accounts before following your target one. Add a profile picture and some personal information to make it more appealing.

Once your fake profile is ready, senda follow-uprequest to the private account you’re interested in. If your request is accepted, you’ll successfully gain entry to the user’s concealed posts. However, exercising caution and ethical consideration when accessing a private IG profile usingsuch tactics is imperative.

Borrow YourFriend’s Instagram Account Credentials

Borrowing someone else’s account can be a solution, provided they are willing to help. You must seek permission and respect their trust as you navigate the platform through their credentials. A courteous way to approach this is by asking, “May I borrow your Instagram account temporarily to view a private profile?”

By asking for their help, you can see the hidden posts on a private Instagram accountwithout breaking rules or ethics. Just remember, trust and responsibility are key in this process to keep everything honest and respectful.


So, now you know how to see private Instagram accounts without them knowing. Choose any of the above-listed methods, but always remember respecting others’ privacy is essential. Choose your approach wisely, and remember that online interactions should be conducted with integrity and responsibility to maintain trust and respect in the digital realm.

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