Benefits of installing Free EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on computer

Note: This is a guest post written by Demi

Nowadays, everyone is too much influenced by the growth of technology in their personal and professional fields. So, people store all types of data, audios, and videos in their own desktops and laptops. However, if these important files are deleted by mistake or due to any technical fault in the computers, it is essential to retrieve those data by all means.

Now, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a free data recovery software that can be installed and used easily for fulfilling this purpose.  All the deleted photographs, JPEG images, audio files, videos, emails, and documents can be recovered in a very short time, with the help of this software.

Uses of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard in all computers

Recovery of data from formatted PC – When a personal computer is formatted to make it functional again, the data stored in the memory system of that computer may be lost. Now, that lost data can be retrieved by installing EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, after formatting process is over. However, the data stored in the hard drives remain intact even after formatting.

Retrieval of mistakenly deleted files – Often important files may be deleted accidentally by the user from the computer hard drives. Some technical problems may also cause this kind of deletion of data from a PC. However, all such lost data can be effectively retrieved by this hard drive recovery software, thus nullifying the loss.

Recovery of data from Recycle Bin – When the Recycle Bin is emptied, all the files dumped there are permanently deleted from the computer system. However, if any of these deleted files need to be recovered, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard scans all the files deleted from Recycle Bin and recovers only the required ones. The user needs to mention the type of file to be recovered while scanning, for making the recovery process faster. 

Finding files from the damaged hard drive – If the hard drive of a computer is corrupted due to any reason, it becomes impossible for the user to get access to the data stored on that hard drive. So this data recovery software can easily gain access to all the stored files of the damaged hard drive, even before the computer is repaired.

Safe recovery of files from virus attack – If any virus attacks the operating system of a computer, the entire device may become incapable of functioning at the normal pace. In that case, all the stored files can be recovered safely from the virus attack, only with the help of installed EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

Recovery from crashed operating system – If the operating system of Windows in a computer crashes completely, usually there is no hope of recovering the data stored in that device. However, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard installs a bootable medium for restarting the damaged computer so that all the important files can be recovered from that system.

Regaining access to corrupted partitions – If any partition within the hard drive of a computer becomes corrupted, it prevents the normal access to the files stored there. Also, any missing partition or the partition that is unrecognizable by the operating system stops normal access to the stored files. But this EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can still gain access to these files and retrieve them to safe locations. 

Therefore, it is necessary to download and install this HDD recovery software, which deeply scans the entire device to detect the lost files and recover all the necessary data to the desired location.

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