AquaJam2: A Bluetooth Speaker With Extras


There are a lot of Bluetooth speakers available on the market, including the portable ones as well as the ones that are waterproof.

And then there is AquaJam AJ2. Launched by the company that introduced its flagship award winning speaker in 2014, the AJ2 is not just portable and fully waterproof, but is also equipped with extras. In addition to being snowproof, it also has a built in wireless microphone for receiving calls and several multi purpose mounts so you can attach the speaker anywhere, from the handlebars of a bike or even a surfboard.

AquaJam AJ2 weighs approximately 400g (sans the mount attachments), a full length of almost 21cm (8.25in) and a diameter of around 7cm (2.75in). Supporting Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, the speaker boasts up to 10 hours runtime.

Being waterproof, AquaJam AJ2 has an IPX7 rating, which means it can be inside the water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of up to 1 meter. Also, the speaker is equipped with Top Float Technology so it is designed to float, and buoyed so that the speaker grill will always face up.

The product also boasts its durability of being immersed into a swimming pool, which means that it can stand water that contains chlorine. There is, however, no mention of it being immersed into seawater, as the salt content might probably a problem, not to mention the sand that might be hard to clean out once they have come in between the grills.

AquaJam2-8 AquaJam2-10

In terms of sound quality, AquaJam AJ2 produces a relatively good quality sound with a room for improvement on the bass. It also produced occasional sound breakages when I turned it up to the maximum volume. As per the manual, the sound quality does change when the speaker elements are exposed to water, but quickly restored once it is out of water.

The buttons can do with some re-adjusting as well. The top row buttons (volume and power) are placed too close to the bottom row buttons (rewind, call/play/pause, and fast forward) they are easily yet mistakenly interchangeable.

The package includes USB charging cable, Bike Mount, Carabineer, several 3M multi-purpose tape mounts, and a hand strap.


AquaJam2-12 AquaJam2-13

In addition to the Yellow/Blue/Grey colour scheme, AquaJam2 also comes in White/Red/Blue and Black/Grey colour options

Disclosure: Sample was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are mine

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