Apple Music is now accessible from your web browser

I personally hate iTunes. I think it’s bloated, slow, and just unintuitive. The problem is, it’s the only legitimate way to play Apple Music on my Windows PC.

Sure, I can always use my phone and Bluetooth earphones like the Apple Powerbeats Pro, but at times it’s just easier to search and change songs while I code stuffs at my work computer, listening on the wonderful Mobius Audeze.

Many years have passed and Apple has finally given in. iTunes is about to get scrapped and divided into several apps (like Apple TV) and the best news for today is that you now don’t need iTunes anymore to access your Apple Music.

Apple launches Apple Music Web and although it’s tagged as still in “Beta”, I find that it’s been working great so far. It has “For You” (suggestions for you) and also all my playlists are loaded properly.

To those Tesla owners, I’m wondering if Apple Music can also be accessed on the car’s built-in web browser. Sure, they give you a Spotify Premium account in-car, but what if you already have many playlists set up on your Apple Music account?

Access Apple Music on your web browser at (official from Apple).

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