Android smartphone from Focalprice giveaway winners

Android phone

Here is the moment that you’ve been waiting for! The winner of Android smartphone giveaway from Focalprice has been announced! The giveaway received great feedback and hefty number of entries (about 11,000 entries to be exact!). It was one of the most popular giveaways on this blog ever so far, thanks to you who participate.

Without further ado, the Android smartphone goes to……

Jennifer Benedito for having a crazy amount of 1,820 entries in total! Now, that’s hard work!

Congratulations, Jennifer! I will be in touch with the sponsor and you to arrange the shipment for the prize to you as soon as we can. For the others, unfortunately there is only 1 prize but do not worry, we’ll have more giveaways coming soon. Also, the winners will be picked randomly for future giveaways so you’ll have an easier chance to win!

Our next giveaway is the Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse going live on the 14th of January and then a Kingston Wi-Drive after! Stay tuned!

Logitech G500

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