A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner + Mop in one?? – ROIDMI X20 Review

Roidmi X20 ReviewROIDMI F8 cordless vacuum cleaner received many awards and a great thumbs up from us (make sure to check our review), and now, Roidmi is back!

With their latest ROIDMI X20 (also known as ROIDMI NEX Storm at Indiegogo), you can now vacuum and mop at the same time to save you time! It’s a unique solution offered by Roidmi and I was keen to give it a go.

ROIDMI X20 Packaging & Unboxing

The packaging is quite compact and very well-packaged. ROIDMI X20 includes different heads for different types of floors. Unlike the Dyson V11 that gives you 2 separate brush heads, you have to get down and dirty to change the roller here in a single brush head compartment here. It’s fine when it’s brand new, but once the roller gets dirty, you may never want to touch it.

Roidmi X20 roller head

You can also mount the vacuum on the wall while charging it with the included accessories. It’s magnetic with wireless charging, really cool and a modern way of charging.

The attachments here are quite generous too, giving you options to clean mattresses, couch, keyboard, hard-to-reach areas, and more.

ROIDMI X20 Design & Features

The X20 has a similar design to the F8 I reviewed here in the past. The design won 6 international design awards including the prestigious Red Dot Design Award Winner in 2018, so why change the formula, right?

It looks elegant, modern, and will fit any modern home just right.

The cordless vacuum indeed looks modern and has the same ergonomic design as the F8 to vacuum the floor. It’s easy to grab the handle and starts vacuuming. And with the new mopping function, you can comfortably grip using both hands to mop the floor easier while applying a bit more pressure. I can get away with just using one hand though, but at least you have the option to use both hands if you want. More on the mopping experience later.

The X20 has received an upgrade in the power/performance department. It’s powered by a new generation of engine-x digital brushless motors with up to 120,000 revolutions per minute, outputting 145AW suction power and 23500Pa vacuum air pressure. It’s also powered with the new generation of air-x dust and air separation technology to reduce the loss in suction.

Okay, that was quite technical and lots of branding technology. In short, I’d simply say that the new Roidmi X20 is powered by their next generation tech to make sure that it doesn’t lose suction and has great performance. When vacuuming my tile floors, I was very happy with using the Low setting and it picked up many dirt, dust, and pet hair.

Air filtration is important while vacuuming and the ROIDMI X20 doesn’t come short. It uses double filters with six-layer air filtration system. So far while vacuuming with the ROIDMI X20, I’ve never experienced any bad odour (or any smell at all even) – so far so good. It seems that the filters needs to be replaced after a while though, so keep that in mind.

According to ROIDMI, the X20 can have up to 65 minutes of battery life using the Low suction setting, 38 minutes with Medium, and 10 minutes with the highest suction setting. That’s pretty impressive.

ROIDMI X20 Vacuuming Experience

Roidmi X20 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner-11

Dragging the unit back and forth when vacuuming can be handled with ease. While the unit weighs only arond 1.5kg, I find that the weight distribution can be tweaked for the next version to make it feel lighter.

When the area is dark while you are vacuuming, the LED will auto turn itself on. It helps a lot when vacuuming darker corners (like below the sofa or bed frame). It doesn’t just look cool, but it will actually help you see the dust and dirt better around the area. See all the pet hairs around our kitchen bench here:

Roidmi X20 LED

ROIDMI X20 uses a push button mechanism compared to Dyson’s trigger, so which means less strain on your fingers while vacuuming because you don’t have to hold the button down.

Similar to the ROIDMI F8, I find that the dust bin is quite small. If you use the X20 to vacuum your entire house in one go, you’ll find that you have to do the bin trip a few times. Well, the whole unit does look nice and compact, so it’s the price that you have to pay, I guess.

I do like the fact that you can detach the bin canister off the X20 body so you don’t have to carry the whole unit to your bigger bin.

You can also install an app if you want, where you can check many things and can get alerts or reminders. But it’s entirely optional.

ROIDMI X20 Mopping Experience

The special thing about the ROIDMI X20 is that it can also mop at the same time. Traditionally, I’d have to first vacuum my tile floors in the house (either with the Viomi Smart 11 bot or the Dyson V11), then use my Swish Mop to mop them clean.

So the idea with the ROIDMI X20 is that you can vacuum & mop the floor at the same time, which saves you time. Amazing idea, right? The X20 will have the vacuum brush head at the front and mop attachment straight behind it.

The mop accessory has a water tank and a mop pad, and can be magnetically attached to the brush head easily. The water inside the water tank will then drop slowly into the mop pad, making it damp evenly through dripping process. The wet mop accessory can hold 160ml of water.

While it sounds cool and all, unfortunately the manual clearly specified that you should only fill the water tank with clear water. Problem is, who mops with just water? Most, if not all, would add an extra cleaning solution like Detol to kill bacteria or freshen up the room. You also have to use the roller brush if you want to do vacuuming & mopping because of its waterproof property.

But! Despite of these shortcomings, vacuuming and mopping are easy and work great. The X20 will vacuum the dust and dirt first, followed by the mop pad – which is what you want. The mop pad has no dust and dirt stuck on them after some vacuuming + mopping session, which means the vacuuming bit does its job well.

Handling the X20 gets a bit heavier and slower due to the mop attachment having a good contact with the floor, but I still find the experience enjoyable. I was quite surprised to actually see how effective it mops. For example, here was my dirty floor tile (the photo on the left) and after one swipe of the X20 vacuum + mop (the photo on the right):

Even when it’s just using water, I can see good results. Some stubborn dirt will require a few tries but definitely moppable.

If you have dirty spills on the floor, however, I’d suggest not to use the X20 to vacuum and mop them as the roller will get dirty. And I’d still probably do my “main mopping” session with a real mop + anti-bacterial solution. However, I’m happy to use the X20 for more frequent sessions, vacuuming & mopping the floors at the same time!

ROIDMI X20 Review Conclusion

ROIDMI X20 does an excellent job in both vacuuming and mopping at the same time. It saves a great deal of time because you’d normally have to vacuum the floors first, and then mop them after.

I’m really surprised at how effective the X20 mops the floor, thanks to the tight contact of the mopping pad onto the floor. The pad is also easy to detach and clean.

In the vacuuming department, ROIDMI X20 performs admirably with the suction performance, even at its lowest setting. For agitating the carpets further, however, I’d suggest to go for the Medium one. With the included assorted attachments, I find it effective to clean different parts of the house.

ROIDMI X20 has a modern and elegant design as well with magnetic & wireless charging option. A truly modern appliance in a modern home.

ROIDMI X20 can be purchased at Amazon for US$299 which is an amazing value with what you’ll be getting!

Disclosure: ROIDMI X20 review sample was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are mine and not paid



Roidmi X20 makes the chores of vacuuming and mopping simpler. Saves you a lot of time for sure

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