• Lunarpages web hosting review

    Are you looking for a cheap but good webhosting? I’ve been using Lunarpages for years on a few web sites and I’ve never regretted it. At this moment, LunarPages offers a web hosting with 1500 GB of data storage, and 15000 GB of bandwith per month at USD$6.95 for a 1-year webhosting! This also includes …

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  • Australian Free SMS Sites

      These are some of the free SMS sites that I’ve used or currently using. They are Australian-based and can only send to Australian recipients at the moment.

  • SMSDiscount Web API code

    How does the SMSDiscount Web API works? If you have an SMSDiscount account (see my SMSDiscount review here), you can create your own web page that can send SMSes using your SMSDiscount account. I’ve created a simple html file that is very useful for sending a quick SMS to your “top” contacts (basically the people …

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  • HTC P3600i / Dopod d810 GPS lock takes forever?

    Ok, so you just bought this cool PDA, the HTC P3600i or d810 with GPS built-in and you have bought TomTom Navigator or any GPS software for it, only to find that it’s not working?

  • How to add games to Vista Games Explorer

    If you have Vista as your operating system and have installed games on it, you must be aware of the Vista Games explorer (Start->Games). Sometimes you do a reformat but you don’t want to reinstall your games. There are many ways to do it – manually or using a software/freeware to add games to Vista …

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  • SMSDiscount Review

    SMSDiscount Review

    I’ve been trying to find a cheaper alternative of SMS-ing rather than using my current mobile phone carrier. Trying out free SMS services here and there (which most of them put advertising texts at the end of your message, which is uncool) After trying out some paid web SMS services, I’m stuck now at SMSDiscount!

  • HTC P3600i Review

    HTC P3600i Review

    Last update: 8th November 2007 Well I’m not a professional reviewer, just a casual user who wants to share his experience with his new HTC P3600i +built-in GPS bought from Organiser World ^^ I was replacing my mini O2, so most of the words I say will unfortunately compare my mini O2 with the HTC …

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  • Pic2Color – online color pick tool

    This online color picking tool is very useful especially for web designers. It will automatically gives you all of the colors in hex based on the picture file that you uploaded. The steps are pretty simple, you upload your picture (usually a company or user logo) and then let the tool gives you all the …

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