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ZENONIA 2 logoZENONIA® 2: The Lost Memories is an action packed Role Playing Game (RPG) by GAMEVIL Inc. I haven’t played the original ZENONIA but I find that you don’t need to play or understand the previous storyline. There is an easy-to-understand short introduction so newcomers will be brought up to speed in no time. There are not much RPG games on the iOS platform so let’s find out whether ZENONIA 2 can be on the top lists of RPG games on the iPhone.

ZENONIA 2 Review - main screen

In ZENONIA 2, there are 4 characters that you can choose to play as:

  • Lu the Paladin
  • Ecne the Shooter
  • Morphice the Magician
  • Daza the Warrior

ZENONIA 2 Review - characters

Since I like to blow things up and basically overwhelm my enemies with cool lightshow, I picked Morphice the Magician. Each character has distinct personalities so there is some sort of replayability here with using different characters and simply wastes your time in ZENONIA 2. Trying different characters with different skills and abilities is just one of the things you might want to do to replay ZENONIA 2 (there is also a SKIP button on the cut scenes in case you are replaying the game, which is neat).

There are the usual stats of all RPG games such as Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Constitution.

ZENONIA 2 Review - Stats

If you are new to RPG based games, you can press the “?” button to display a tooltip about what each stat does. Unfortunately the tip is not good enough because when I play Morphice the Magician, the help tells me that the INT (Intelligence) stat is for increasing SP only (like a mana to use your skills/magic) and not the magic power/attack. Now, we all RPG gamers know that as a magician/wizard/sorceress/warlock, intelligence is everything because it increases your mana and also the magic power together. I thought ZENONIA 2 is different so I didn’t put much into my INT stat when I played. After playing for 12 hours, I went to a ZENONIA 2 forum only to find that INT is indeed crucial. I restarted my game after but I wish the help can be improved better in the future, giving tips for specific character type. Oh, speaking about the community, there are lots of helpful people who will give you tips on your character build and also some walkthrough if you ever get lost.

Besides the character stats to improve, each character also has distinct skills, both active and passive.

ZENONIA 2 Review - skills[3]

Each time you level up, you will be given some points to increase both your stats and your skills. Stats and skills later on can be reset by buying a reset potion at a hefty price. I recommend you to probably search for some tips first if you really want to make a strong character OR you can simply play your character the way you want it.

Later in the game, you will have a fairy as your companion. She doesn’t do much during the combat but she’ll give you some bonuses such as increased experience bonus, etc.

ZENONIA 2 Review - fairyZENONIA 2 Review - fairy join

There are plenty of equipment to wear and there are common, rare, unique, and epic items ala Diablo (if you ever play Diablo on the PC) so literally there are millions of possible item combinations. Each equipment has durability so you have to repair them every now and then or the item will be lost forever. Some equipment will also change the character’s looks in the game, which is cool.

ZENONIA 2 Review - equipment

ZENONIA 2 Review - gameplayZENONIA 2 Review - gameplay 2

There are numerous sub-quests to perform which give you extra gold and experience points to level up. Much of the quests are unfortunately kinda boring though as we call them “grinding” quests, such as kill X amount of Y monsters. It’s never a problem because monsters respawn pretty quickly in an area but it can be annoying when all of a sudden, the monster you just killed respawns near you too quickly.

ZENONIA 2 Review - Quests

There is also a PVP arena where you can fight others who are playing ZENONIA 2 in a one to one combat to see who is better. If this is not your cup of tea, do not worry. GAMEVIL seems to focus more on ZENONIA 2 single player experience and that is good because ZENONIA 2 single player is highly addictive. Combats happen in real time and thanks to the countless of equipment, distinct abilities on each character, and great storyline, ZENONIA 2 will keep you coming back for more and soon after, you will not realize that a couple of hours have passed. The grinding and endless monsters can annoy some players but others will welcome these as tools to level up their main character. ZENONIA 2 is definitely one of the best RPG games on the iPhone!


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