Jorno – the foldable keyboard

Jorno keyboard

Ever wish you can carry a keyboard inside your pocket? You can now, thanks to Jorno, a highly portable Bluetooth keyboard. Jorno works best with an iPhone or an iPad since you can type easier with a real keyboard compared to an on-screen keyboard. Of course, Jorno works with any other Bluetooth devices, so you can still enjoy it evne if you don’t own an iPhone or an iPad.

Jorno can be folded into a very tiny box (see the picture above) so you can always carry it around with you in your pants. It’s highly useful if ever carry your iPad to a meeting or a lecture to take notes. I do this every week and sometimes I get frustrated because of the typo I make every now and then. Carrying a regular keyboard is out of the question but I’d love to bring Jorno along with me.

Jorno also includes a detachable cradle to hold your iPad/iPhone both in Portrait and Landscape mode. Jorno is normally priced at $99 but there is a Jorno pre-order special of $79 going on at the moment. Unfortunately there is no sample yet so I cannot tell you more about Jorno at this stage.

Jorno with iPhone

Jorno with iPad

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