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SplashShopperIf you are a list freak and want to have a complete list management application, you might want to have a look at SplashShopper for iPhone. The app is pre-loaded with  default lists of all possible list items out there, such as groceries, books, music, office supplies, and even movies. Even though the application is named “SplashShopper”, you can practically use it not just for your shopping lists, but also for any list related needs.

SplashShopper Review - ListsaltEach item in the list has many fields that you can customize and complete such as pricing, categories, quantities, etc. They can be quite overwhelming to those who are looking for a simpler list application though. For those who want as much info as they can on their items, SplashShopper will not disappoint. Each item can be assigned a custom icon and these icons also serve as the tick boxes on the lists.

You can also create a new custom list if you don’t want to use the pre-defined ones and there is no requirement to complete the whole information on the item. Although having a price is a good idea, I find that in real life, prices change too often. If you are so pedantic about prices, you may find that you will waste more time in updating the prices (assuming you are building a shopping list) rather than building on the list itself.

SplashShopper Review - create new itemSplashShopper Review - custom list

If you own a store of some sort, SplashShopper shines because you can basically store your inventory on SplashShopper’s database and synchronize it with your computer. You can update the quantities and pricing easily through the application.

However, if you just want a simple application where you can enter your things to buy on a list, SplashShopper is too complicated. You’ll probably be happier to get a free simpler list application if you just want some simple lists with tickboxes. It’s good that the app comes with pre-defaulted items though so if you are too lazy to input a grocery item to buy, you can just select SplashShopper’s grocery items and go from there.

SplashShopper List Manager – SplashData

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